This is Not a Writing Blog

I know the evidence is stacked against me here. After all, there's a word count meter of a novel in progress right over there in my sidebar. And my blogroll is stuffed with...well, writers. And there's a link to all sorts of writerly stuff on Pinterest. And my twitter fan box is loaded with hundreds of...well, writers.

Yeah, I'm not making my case here, am I? But seriously, this is not a writing blog. Don't get me wrong, I adore writing. LOVE it. Like, if writing was a person, I'd want to sit with him under a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. But I do not give tips on writing, or attempt to teach others how to refine their craft, or any of that stuff. Because, well, I'm about as seasoned in the art of writing as the little guy pictured above. I'm still bumbling through the process myself. I'm the person who needs those blogs, not writes them.

So what is this blog about?

You've got me.

One day I'm writing about writing; the next day I'm writing about why you don't want to be a bird in my house or how I accidentally spayed my cat twice.

So if you're looking for consistency, please refer to one of the wonderful blogs on my list of links. Those authors have mastered the art of focus. Meanwhile, I'm going to continue to write my scattered posts about whatever, because somehow it brings happiness to my inner-narcissist or...something.


  1. Love it! I look at them as journals sometimes, just not extremely private ones!

    1. EXACTLY. Public journals.

      Yikes. LOL


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