Hi there! My name is Jodi. I'm a 7th grade Language Arts teacher who has a bad habit of staying up too late trying to scrap together stories. I grew up in the deserts of Southern California, but recently moved to a foggy little mountain town that could be the setting for a horror flick. In addition to writing, I love painting/drawing, shooting stuff, camping, and soaking in sunshine. 

This is me shooting stuff.

I also have a huge soft spot for animals. Even ugly ones. Don't worry, I don't shoot them.

Painting and drawing is my way of twiddling my thumbs between episodes of writer's block. It beats staring at a mocking, blinking cursor (which I'm pretty sure is called a "cursor" because it's secretly cursing at me. Or I'm cursing at it. Probably the latter).

I have one published novel out, Chasing Echoes. For more info about that, visit my author's website: www.jodiperkins.com, or follow my author's page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/AuthorJodiPerkins.

My dream is to write full-time someday.