About Me

About me...yeah. Okay. I'm a seventh grade Language Arts teacher who has an affinity for staying up too late trying to scrap together novels and showing up to work the next day looking like some bleary-eyed creature from the undead teaching kids prepositions. I live with my hubby, two kids, and a handful of pets in a desert hole in Southern California. I have a twin sister, Shannon, who makes appearances here from time to time. She's the mountain twin and I'm the desert twin. I think she's going to live longer, because I'm slowly roasting down here.  

In addition to writing, I love painting, shooting stuff, camping, sunbathing, eating Deluxe Tacos from Del Taco, and staying up way too late. I have a childish love for animals and can't seem to say no when my kids bring home that stray kitten, hungry rabbit, or injured crow (yes, that really does say crow. We named him 'Nevermore').

Oil-painting is sort of my way of twiddling my thumbs between episodes of writer's block. It beats staring at a mocking, blinking cursor (which I'm pretty sure is called a "cursor" because it's secretly cursing at me. Or I'm cursing at it. Probably the latter). 

My debut novel, CHASING ECHOES, was recently released in December, 2014. For more info about that, visit my author's website: www.jodiperkins.com, or my Facebook author's page: www.facebook.com/AuthorJodiPerkins.

My dream is to write full-time some day, and to own a small farm with lots of trees. And a cow. There must be a cow.