Monday, November 30, 2020


Since I'm no longer on Twitter, and since I suck at keeping up with my blog, I realized I needed a way to get updates out to Chasing Echoes readers. Whatever method I chose had to be something that wasn't too much of a time commitment, as history has proven repeatedly that I'm flaky with writing with any kind of regularity. So after discussing the issue with other writers, I decided to start a newsletter. The biggest selling feature for me is it's something I only have to send out once a month. I can do that! I feel good about this. (Zip it.) Anyway, here's the link if you (reader of this blog) would like to check it out:
Jodi's Newsletter. The first issue will most likely go out tomorrow. 

After I finish transferring some posts over to my author's website, I'll be letting go of this blog. It's not worth paying for my Ocean in a Cup URL anymore when I don't blog enough. This triggers all sorts of sad-feels in me but I'll skip all that for now. I still plan on blogging a little bit at my author's site, but you know how that goes. The newsletter will now be my main source for updates. Anyway, I'll do one more post here announcing that my blog has moved as soon as it's official.

Distance learning has had me swamped lately and I've been horrible with keeping up with anything, but to those of you whose blogs I usually follow, I hope/plan to catch up soon. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!