Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Blog Parasites

I'll do a real post soon. (Translation: anytime from tomorrow to next year). I just wanted to hop on here real quick to say I'm removing the ability to comment on my posts for a month or two. My blog has become a target for overseas spammers and bots, and I'm being bombarded through the comments. I.e. My last post is currently at 50 comments, and only four of them are from real people. It feels icky. I'm annoyed by how ridiculously impotent Blogger's spam filter is. Last week I adjusted my settings to where a Google sign-in is required, but it didn't help. Apparently spammers have Google accounts. The only thing left is to password-protect my blog (only people with the password can read it), but frankly my blog isn't juicy enough to require anything that drastic. So now I'm hoping that shutting down my comment window for a period of time will take me off the radar of all these blog parasites.