Saturday, April 18, 2020

The First Lines of Emails I've Received While Quarantining

I don't know why this poem makes me giggle so hard (written/posted by @jessica_salfia on twitter)'s not like it's that funny. Nonetheless, I'll leave this right here. Sorry it's blurry:

In other news, Chasing Echoes was selected for a featured promotion for Book Bub! I'd love to say they just recognized it's awesomeness and chose it right away, The book was rejected several times prior, so maybe it finally had enough reviews to be taken seriously. Or maybe it's because Black Lilies is out, and having two books makes you appear more legitimate as an author. Or maybe I just finally wore them down. I don't care, I'm just thrilled it was finally accepted.

Semi-related-but-not-really, this commercial just now came on while I was typing:

Tearjerking stuff, right? 😂