Friday, January 18, 2019

Two Blog Syndrome

I'm down to one blog! Okay, this means nothing to you.

Quick background: When I have one blog, I do pretty well with keeping up with it. But for reasons unbeknownst to me, I always try to add in a second one. Examples include "It Makes a Sound" (my blog geared specifically for poems and short stories), Middle School Dribbles (my teaching blog), "Glazey" (my art blog) get the point. The problem is when I add in that second blog, I fail miserably at both.

In 2014 I made this mistake for the...fourth time? Fifth? If insanity truly is repeating the same mistake over and over and expecting different results, then yeah, I'm insane. So toward the end of 2014, I published Chasing Echoes, and I thought it would be professional for my website ( to feature a blog...a forum to post writing and/or marketing updates. I decided Ocean in a Cup would be my personal blog, and would focus on my writing. At the time I wanted to keep my personal life separate from my writing life.

Well that was stupid. It turns out my personal self and my writerly self are the same person. Separating those two is like trying to separate conjoined twins. Sometimes it works, but it ain't pretty. It resulted in me giving up on both blogs. 

So tonight, I finally buckled down and transferred my posts from to here (which technically isn't possible through my website host, so I did some ninja tricks to make this happen). After accounting for similar or duplicate posts, there were only nine entries left, which are now located at this label. They are also in chronological order with Ocean's original posts, as if they've always been here. Now when readers go to my author's website and click on "Blog", it diverts them here. It's a little weird since this blog features posts from nine years ago, way before I was even a, do I really want Chasing Echoes fans to know that my hubby and I had a shaving cream war in the bath tub or that one time I dreamed about a giant copper toilet? But I've decided it's worth the weirdness, because I feel a million times lighter already! 

The next time I try to take on another blog, someone please knock some sense into me.


  1. I had the same problem last year!! When my first book came out, I thought it would be "great" to have a separate blog for writing-related news, so as to not "burden" potential readers with my usual rambling, and well, as soon as my second book came out, I realized this was a big huge GIANT mistake. Soooo stressful. I had duplicate release day and update posts that I had to write, and duplicate book pages to update. So....let's stay sane together. ^_^

    I do want to put my author page back up at some point, though - like a pretty landing page or something. I just took the whole thing down and forwarded the url to my blog. That's how stressed I was. Lol!

    1. I had no idea you had a separate author's blog! I'm kind of sad I never saw it. But yeah, you identified my exact reasons for my separate blog...I thought it would be unprofessional to expose potential or current readers to Ocean in a Cup because it's too rambling, and sometimes overly personal. Maybe eventually I'll remove that blog link completely from my website, and as far as readers are concerned, I simply don't have a blog. Who knows. But this solution works for me for now. I like your idea of a pretty landing page for your books! I guess that's what my author's page kind of is now.

  2. I have this very same problem. I used to have a book blog and then my personal blog. I wrote on that book blog regularly and really enjoyed it, but I couldn't really keep up with it and my personal blog. So, my personal blog won out and the book blog died a terrible death. Another time I tried to start a blog geared toward all things Gothic (Crumbling Castles) and it didn't really work out. I kind of wish it had, because I love the gothic, but I also love the title of the blog!

    1. I love the title Crumbling Castles so much! Except for I actually like it singular better: Crumbling Castle. Then it sounds like it could be a metaphor for a person (whose life tends to spin out of control). You should make that the title of your personal blog. It's probably not relevant,'s cool, so screw relevance. ;)

      I remember the book blog. It was pretty great. But yeah, if I had to choose (which I've had to several times now), the personal blog always wins.

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