Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Back to the Grind

I started back to work this week. Two weeks of sleeping in until 9:00 every morning has spoiled me rotten. Now I'm back to eleven hour work days that begin at 5:30 a.m. I'll get used to it soon, but right now it's brutal.

On the plus side, look how close I am to finishing Black Lilies!

It looks like one mere day of writing left, doesn't it? But, nope. Now that I'm back to work, it'll likely take me the whole month of January to finish this last sprint. I just have nothing left in me. Teaching middle-school wipes a girl out.

I'm only on here to meet my once a week quota, so that's it for now. My blogging friends who have new posts: I promise I'll read your latest updates soon! But right now I have to go crash.


  1. So close, so close!! Get em!! Let the finish line energize you! ATTACK!

    Also sleep. Sleep is sooo important. Sleep well. ^_^

    I'm so freaking excited!!

    1. Wait, am I supposed to get 'em and attack, or sleep? :P

      Either way, throw some pompoms in with that cheer and I'm sold!

  2. Ooh, I cannot wait to read Black Lilies! What program are you using to track your project? Do you use Scribner?

    Also, I hope you get some rest. I would never be able to work 11 hours a day, that's insane. I'm too old for that! And yes, I know we're the same age, but you are clearly younger than me if you can handle 11 hour days! :P

    1. Yes, I use Scrivener. Thanks to a friend I discovered the 'Project Targets' feature about six months ago, and it's amazing. I like to set it at 500 words a day, because it is such an easygoing, reachable goal, and technically if you follow through with it every day (which I don't) you could whip out a novel in six months. Do you use Scrivener?

      To be fair though I don't actually work 11 hours a day. I was counting from the time my alarm goes off (5:30 a.m) to the time I get home (4:30 p.m.), but 90 minutes of my day is actually commuting back and forth, plus I get to work an hour early. But let's just go with the I"'m still young" thing. ;)


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