Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Last 200 Words - Chapter Two

Quick highlights from the week:
  • I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Shan and Sarah on Saturday night. It had been too long and I love hanging out with my BFF! Even though I showed my gratitude by dumping Sarah's margarita all over her crotch. I tried to wipe it up for her but that just got weird.
  • We discovered an amazing winery/vineyard on my mountain, right down the street from Shan's house (the winery is actually using the apples from Shan's orchard to make hard cider). A group of us went for a wine tasting and even though I'm a closet hillbilly I decided to go along with all the swirling and inhaling and checking for legs. Did you know wine has legs? Which is funny because the more I drink of it, the less I have legs...well, usable ones that walk straight, anyway.
  • A swarm of bees attacked our school during lunch last week. By swarm I mean SWARM. They had to do an on-call telling teachers to keep our students barricaded in class until the rampage had ended.

Okay, last 200 words for Black Lilies, chapter two.

 The dark figure seemed to turn on the rope. Without thinking I reached for it, wanting more than anything to touch it. To touch him. To help him, somehow.
 With a long arm, he reached for me. 
 Coming to my senses, I choked on my scream and jumped back, nearly tripping on my feet. I felt a hand grab my elbow and I almost screamed again, before I realized the hand was trying to steady me. 
 “Whoa there. Are you okay?” It was the dark-haired guy with the sling. Joe, I thought. His brown eyes were deep and warm against his olive complexion. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
 I gratefully accepted his hand and righted myself, trying to control my breathing. Heart beating like a drummer on steroids, my eyes darted around the space where the shadow-man had hung. He—it—was gone.
 The grand clock in Pendulum Square, the one we Sezonians call The Face of Maui, tolled in the distance, its deep bells cutting through the night. Ten soulful chimes, each slipping into the dark like a shadow.
  I swallowed hard and looked up into Joe’s concerned face. 

  “I think I did see a ghost.”

(197 words)


  1. Omg, a bee rampage?!! What?
    Also, wine has legs? When I first saw that, I thought you meant that bug legs get into the wine, but now I'm not sure...

    A ghost, hmm? ^_^
    Me like ghosts.
    Also...WHO IS HANGING FROM THAT ROPE? OMG! Please not Kade. I just met him! (Why am I even thinking that?)

    1. I'd love to say bee rampages for the desert are normal, but...no. And they didn't even leave any honey behind. Just shrieking students. Darn bees.

      Yeah, wine has legs! It's like the dregs of liquid left behind on the glass when you tip it. Apparently the thicker the legs, the better the wine?

      You're thinking it's Kade because you're either very perceptive or totally off-base. ;)

    2. Oh, it's me--Jodi--above. :)

  2. I love the little snippets of your WIP you're sharing. Now I want the whole dang book!

    Sounds like you had a nice Cinco de Mayo and, thanks to this post, I really want to have a glass of wine. It's pretty great that they're using Shannon's apples for the cider. I wish I was closer, I'd love to try that.

  3. At first I was thinking “Shouldn’t a post about Cinco de Mayo make you crave beer—or cerveza (haha)—rather than wine? But then I remembered I talked about the winery. :P Hope you got your glass of wine! We have all sorts of wine here now courtesy of splurging big time at that vineyard.

    I want the whole dang book too Kristyn!


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