Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Last 200 Words - Chapter One

Lots to write about but no time! Just to keep my blog from going stale, once a week I'm going to copy/paste my last 200 words for each completed chapter of Black Lilies (similar to what we used to do for the WIP Marathon), unless the last 200 words is a big fat spoiler.

Note: These excerpts are being pulled from a working draft and are subject to change.

Okay, chapter one! Dang it, this one is the most boring when it's out of context. Oh well.

Yet the words chilled him. They seemed aimed directly at him, though he had only conceived a name for the clock minutes ago. He turned around, suddenly feeling watched; vulnerable.
  The paper began to skid in the breeze, and he reached down to retrieve it. Flattening it again, he skimmed down to the end of the letter to find the closing salutation.
Yours in Time, Aviva
He let out a breath. That confirmed it. He didn’t know anyone named Aviva. He had never heard of that name in his life.
Curious now, he went back to read the letter in its entirety. The beginning was confusing, and some parts made him chuckle. But by the time he reached the end, his eyes were fogged with moisture, and his skin felt hot. He was glad that William and George had gone home so they wouldn’t witness him behaving like such a pansy.
He carefully folded the letter and stuffed it into the pocket of his trousers. The letter wasn’t meant for him.
So why did he feel, deep down to his core, that it was?
(185 words)



    No way! This isn't boring!! Who is this guy? Do I know him? Why do I feel like I know him?! I love him! *commence flailing*

    Carry on. ^_^

    1. Oh my gosh Krystal! I just want to hug you then slap you around a little then hug you some more. <3

      This guy is Kade. No, you don't know him, but you will. :) Oddly, from the moment I started writing his scenes, he seemed really familiar to me too. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    2. Kade is such a great name. ^_^

    3. Thanks! Do your characters choose their own names? Mine do and it can be grating sometimes.

    4. Usually. I actually prefer it when they do. Haha. I hate hunting down their names. Sometimes they don't help much.


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