Monday, May 14, 2018

28 Places to Sit in My Yard

The other day I started noticing a trend in our yard. The trend being...places to sit. Lots of places to sit. 28, to be precise. So of course I had to take pictures of all of them. Don't worry, it's only 9 pics; not 28.

So here we go, the first and only edition of All the Places to Sit in my Yard:

Small Table for four on our front balcony.

Gliding swing set for two. This one is far back into our yard, right next to the soon-to-be She-Shed.

 Clint's parents' bistro table, located on the small balcony next to their studio apartment. When they're over it has pretty cushions on it and stuff.

Southern rocking chairs on our front patio--tied for 1st place for the Most-Used Seating Award. Clint and his dad can almost always be found here, shootin' the breeze over a beer and cigar.

 Cozy bench for two on our front patio. This one earns the Least-Used Seating Award. In fact, my one and only time sitting here was right after I took this picture.

Table for four on our side patio, and by far the family favorite! This is the other recipient of the Most Used Seating Award. On nice days we eat all of our meals here. The first two weeks of summer I will be repainting this table and adding new cushions to spruce it up.

This table for six is one of my personal faves. Carey (Clint's dad) leveled this piece of land for me so I could have a table out in the sunshine. It's a great place to soak in some rays during more temperate weather, and its sturdy construction makes it perfect for painting/crafts.

Trinity's space. She has a patio attached to her bedroom, and we bought her this outdoor set for her birthday. All we need now is a plant for that planter. 

This little bistro table was a housewarming gift from Shannon, and has my favorite view. Maybe not too practical for eating a meal here (though I have), but perfect for plopping down with a cup of coffee in the afternoon.

And this concludes my super fascinating edition of All the Places to Pop a Squat in my Yard, or whatever. I'm going to make it my goal this summer to use ALL of them and film every minute of the entire experience. 

Okay, I wont really do that.


  1. ^_^ It's official. Best yard ever. I love that unused bench! It's so pretty! I would want something that color on my patio if I was prone to sitting outside ever. I might would if I had a view, but I don't. #citylife

    1. How funny Krystal, I've always imagined you living out in the country somewhere. I guess when I hear Tennessee I just don't picture "city." My geography-bias rearing it's ignorant head. ;)

      I do love that bench too. That moved with me from my previous house. I need to give it more love. (In this case Love = Squish it with my butt more)

  2. Love it!! I was just outside yesterday, sitting on my front porch steps, and I was thinking about how I wish I had chairs. I literally have zero outdoor sitting spaces. None. Well, unless you count the two steps on my front porch and the two steps on my back stoop? But, I have my eye on these wrought iron rocking chairs, I just can't seem to bring myself to make the purchase.

    Also, that teal bench is my favorite of all the seating spaces. I don't know how comfy it is, but I love the way it looks! Did you happen to buy it online and, if so, where?

    1. I bought the teal bench several years ago at Kirkland’s (in person) when we were installing our pool. It was the display, so I got it on discount. When I was carrying the bench out of the store, the clerk said “Oh, miss, that cushion is sold separately.” I gave her the saddest face until she sighed and said “Okay, take the cushion too.” When I got home I saw the price tag on the cushion and found out it was almost $40. :P I love the bench too and if I didn’t have so many other great places to sit outside I’d probably use it more.

      Buy the rocking chairs! I promise you won’t regret it. You and Matt will love having a little area outdoors to relax.


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