Sunday, March 25, 2018

Duck Derby

For the record that last post was written well over a month ago, and I either forgot to post it, or thought at the time that it was too depressing. But it doesn't really bother me now, plus that's a damn fine graphic of a butterfly.

So, life right now in a nutshell: Work, commuting, sleep deprivation...the usual. Monday through Friday sort of sucks. (Wow, I'm off to a chipper start here). I love my job the way I always have, but I'm drained like, all the time. The weekends, on the other hand...those are magical. Every weekend I feel like I'm on vacation. Clint makes us breakfast on Saturday mornings and we eat it outside on our patio, rain or shine (really 'snow or shine'  would be more accurate). We bought one of those patio heaters a few months ago:

You may have seen these in outdoor areas of restaurants. Anyway, this thing was the best hundred bucks we've ever spent. Even when the temperatures are freezing we keep nice and toasty. We end up outside for probably a good hour in the mornings, chatting, drinking coffee, enjoying our little neck of the woods. Literal woods too, which is even better.

Friday on our way home from work we swung by Goodwin's (local grocery store) and purchased our ducks for the mountain's annual Duck Derby next weekend. I've never been to one, but I've heard about it from Shan for years. Basically a bunch of rubber ducks are released down a waterslide down into the lake, where they proceed to bob along in the world's most pitiful "race" in which most stall into giant clumps and need help from firefighters with giant hoses to move them along. Everyone cheers for their duck, not really knowing which one(s) is theirs. The owner of the winning duck gets $1,000 (2nd place = $500, 3rd = $250, last place = $100). Proceeds for the duck derby pay for the town's fireworks for 4th of July.

So despite being super cheesy, the Duck Derby is a big deal around here. Over 3,000 people attended last year, and nearly $8,000 was raised. Isn't this the best thing ever? I am so, so excited for this stupid event. I love it that I live in a community that does corny stuff like this. It makes me feel like I've stepped back into the '50s.

Other reasons I love living here: Regular visits with my sis's family! It's amazing to be able to meet them spontaneously for lunch now, or to swing by their house for a beer and a game of shuffleboard. Trin and Elijah get to see their cousins all the time...those crazy kids get together with or without us. On Thursday night, Cassidi, Dylan and I went to a school board meeting to support Rim teachers (long story), and both Cass and I gave a speech. The whole thing was such a cool experience; being there with my niece and nephew, seeing the community rally together like that.

But mountain living is definitely not for the faint of heart. This is what we've dealt with this past month:

 Our driveway

Trin conquering Mount Crap-Ton-of-Snow

The snow is finally gone now, and we somehow made it through the season without losing a single day of work. Thank goodness we bought the Renegade. That little beast saved us.

Off-topic, but we caught the culprit who keeps eating my fern.



  1. Bad squirrel. LOL!

    A duck derby sounds so cool! I'd paint my duck's tail purple. ^_^

    Weekends are great! I went several years working on Saturdays, and now that I don't, it's really made a big difference. They're not very magical though. I'm going to look into that, because it sounds reviving. Maybe I could eat at a table on the weekends. I keep my kitchen table pretty clutter-free these days. :D

  2. Yes Krystal, find a way to add magic to your weekends asap. I think you should go for that table idea. It's really easy to slip into the habit of eating meals on the couch, but the table gives you a nice change of atmosphere and makes the meal feel more...meal-y? Or official or something.

    We don't get our ducks 'til the race starts, or else I'd totally paint it's tail purple.

  3. The town you're living in is just so damn adorable! I love the duck derby thing and that the proceeds go to pay for 4th of July! That's so great. It kind of makes me wonder what events happen in our community that we're missing because we're pretty introverted and join in on much.

    And, the pics of your yard and around town... it's so picturesque!! So much more photogenic than good ol' Tumbleweed! ;)

    1. Yeah, poor ole' Tumbleweed can't really hold a torch to Twin Peaks (and if it tried it'd go up in flames). :P

      I do love these cheesy community events. It surprises me because that's not usually "me." I bet you guys have all sorts of community events where you live! But I know you've never quite felt at home in your new state, so it might not feel as fun and charming to you. Plus, the introverted thing.

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