Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Freshly Mowed Grass Diet

Trying to support my hubby who--for health reasons--must drastically cut back his meat intake, I watched a few clips from a documentary last week called Forks over Knives. Even though I saw only a smidgen of the film, I decided I can never eat meat again.

Then I watched a documentary called What the Health. Afterwards I determined I can never eat eggs or dairy again.

Then I watched a documentary called That Sugar Film, and determined that I can never eat refined sugars again.

So this leaves...grass. I am now on the Freshly Mowed Grass Diet. Maybe I can throw some wood chips in there too when I need some extra bulk.

When it comes to all of the existing research out there regarding food, I can't possibly listen to it all. I'll either A) Starve, or B) Eat what I want but feel like I'm slowly killing myself. So I have to determine which pieces of information regarding food speak to me the most. And for me, it's the inhumane treatment and unethical processing of animals. It's like something from a dystopian horror flick. I won't get on that soap box right now, I'll just sum up by saying I can't get myself to support the American meat industry anymore.

So I've decided to give up meat. RIP, extra crispy KFC. Goodbye, barbecue ribs on the 4th of July. *cries*. For health reasons I'm also drastically cutting down on dairy too.

So I guess I'm vegetarian with a sprinkle of vegan?


Anyway, other than one craving for pepperoni that hit me last Friday night and massive dairy withdrawals, it's going well so far! I haven't cheated even once. *knocks on wood*. Clint's embracing all of this too and preparing a lot of our meals, which makes it easier to stick with.

I'm sharing this decision here because it helps keep me grounded, but otherwise I plan to keep it on the down-low as much as possible. Mainly because I've been perpetually annoyed by vegetarians and vegans in the past who are really 'loud' about their lifestyle choice and constantly expect special accommodations made for them. There's no way I will do that. I've already been out to eat with family several times and it was easy to find meat-free options on the menu without creating a hoopla over it. 

But my other motive for being quiet about the whole thing is I come from an extended family of hearty meat-eaters that really have no use for vegetarians, so there's sort of a stigma attached to that word. Shoot, I myself own a hunting dog (well technically George is Clint's dog, but you get my point). I'm not the kind of person you would associate with vegetarianism. Eventually the people in my world will find out--it's not my intention to keep it a secret--I simply have no desire to advertise it.

Okay, I'm off to make some steamed veggies and roasted sadness for dinner.


  1. Little known fact. I spent several years as a vegetarian when I was in my late teens. I couldn't deal at all with the idea that what I was eating had been alive and was murdered so I could eat. It really bothered me, especially since I love animals. I still ate eggs and fish, but no red meat or pork.

    Now, I eat met and I try not to watch those documentaries about food, because it makes me not want to eat it. I did watch one about the way chicken was raised and processed that put me off chicken for quite a while.

    Good luck with the change in diet. It's hard to change the way you eat. It's awesome that you're trying!

    1. Wow, I vaguely remember you not eating meat, but I had no idea it went on for several years. Although I have to say that teenager-you sounds like more of a bleeding heart than I am. I actually don't object to eating meat if it comes from happy/healthy animals, like the farms from 50-100 years ago. I.e. When Clint and his dad hunt, I won't have a problem eating that meat. Unfortunately that only happens two or three times a year, and the meat we eat today comes from factories pretending to be farms, so that leaves very little options.

      Thanks for the well wishes. I'm not "trying"--I'm "doing"! (Remind me I said this in a couple weeks when I capital F-A-I-L).

    2. Haha, not the first time I've been a use of being a bleeding heart (I am liberal, after all!!).

      Good luck doing! You've got this!

    3. Ugh, that should say "accused of being a bleeding heart." Dang iPhone!

    4. No worries, I speak auto-correct-ese so I knew what you meant.

      There are worse things a person can be called than a bleeding heart, so I'd run with it. ;)

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