Sunday, October 4, 2015

Last 200 Words - October

Okay, I'm totally cheating. As you know, I quit doing the WIP Marathon reports because of all the reasons I explained in this post. But I'll admit it, I'm still itching to post a tiny bit of progress, especially when...well...I'm actually making progress (now's a good time to mention that my idea of "progress" is moving up by a mere K or two a month, and that pitiful word counts are my modus operandi). So while I can't commit to writing full-fledged WIP Marathon reports once a month, I've decided that when all of the WIP Marathoners post their reports, I'm going to simply post my last 200 words. I'll also mention how many words I've added this month. Unless it's pathetic. Then I'll conveniently forget and leave that part off.

Word Count for October: Around 10K of Black Lilies. No, I didn't do that all in one month. This is my TOTAL word count since I started the novel LAST WINTER. I'm in bad shape here.

Last 200 Words:

“Don’t patronize me. I’m not a child. And I’ll tell you my name as soon as you tell me what’s going on.” I crossed my arms and stepped back in a show of defiance, accidentally dropping the assignment that was crumpled in my hand. Moving quickly, I reached down to pick it up.
“What’s that?” he asked, leaning forward to look at the paper.
“It’s my ‘lesson’, as you like to call it,” I bit out. “It’s what I’m supposed to be working on right now, but now I will get a zero because of your little impromptu performance of the Star Spangled Banner.”
He squinted his eyes, examining it closer. “Let me see that.”
Why would he want my paper? There was barely anything written on it. I shrugged. “Here.”
I tried to hand it to him, but he didn’t move to take it. Instead, he tilted his head, as if trying to get a better view. His already pale-face turned white, and his bright eyes grew wide. “I know this writing.”
He jerked back, his fists clenched at his side.
“Tell me your name, clever girl.” 
I stood silent. 
“It’s you, isn’t it? You’re Aviva.” 
My mouth fell open, and he disappeared.


  1. Ooh! Aviva's important!! ^_^
    (Awesome voice in these words!! I love her!!)

    Progress is progress! It adds up. I've barely drafted anything this year, and then had to chuck what I did draft, BUT it lead me back to the last thing I had drafted to, ya know, actually finish it, so I'm calling those stepping stones. :P

  2. I agree Krystal, even taking three steps back leads to progress. Kind of like tearing apart your kitchen in order to reorganize it. Plus I'm used to my MS creeping up in tiny, microscopic increments, so it doesn't spook me as much as it used to. Tiny increments is what created Chasing Echoes. (Remind me of this comment next fall when I'm having a complete meltdown over my lack of progress).

    Aviva's tricky for me to write. I haven't quite figured out her personality yet. I might end up writing the whole book before I figure her out, and then end up having to go back and rewrite her once I get her.

  3. Love this excerpt!! I want to know more about both of these characters!!

    People work at different speeds -- even if every writer in the world wrote as their full-time day job, words would come at varying rates. What's important is getting *anything* down, even if it's 200 words in a month. Meanwhile, the story and characters are stewing in your subconscious and in the back of your mind whilst living life. Progress is progress, and sometimes for me, time *away* from the keyboard is when I get it all figured out. Great work! :)

    1. Thanks Cheyenne! Everything you said in this comment was so uplifting and encouraging. It's good to know that my work count struggles are normal, and that progress--even a little--is still progress.

      Glad you loved the excerpt! I'm fond of that scene too.


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