Saturday, April 11, 2015

Murder Mystery Dinner

My daughter is 15 today. 15! I'm not old enough to have a 15 year old. I'M NOT. 


Anyway, she's having a Murder Mystery Dinner in our backyard. They've been at it for about an hour and 45 minutes. I'm allowed to take pictures, but she says I'm not allowed to break the 3rd wall--or is it the 4th?--some drama-term where I can't shatter the illusion of the drama they're enacting. It's like Juliet dramatically crying out "Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo?" and someone else cutting in with "Hey, fifth period is almost over." 

So we agreed I would just pop in and out as an investigative reporter. Here's all that my investigative snooping has yielded so far:

Guests starting to suspect each other

Let the interrogations begin

A very suspicious dinner

It's pretty cool, actually. Every time I go out there, they're totally in character (save some giggling and laughing). There was one moment where I lit the candles on the table and Trin was all "Wow, thank you, uh, Investigative Reporter, for lighting our candles. That's so nice and...unexpected." But you know, apparently I'm both an investigative reporter and a thoughtful candle-lighter-person.

I was going to write more but Trin just burst in here saying they solved their murder! Apparently Papa Vido killed Barry Underwood because he was promised land or something... They're popping open their victory champagne now (aka: sparkling cider) and then we're doing birthday cake. The cake is an adorable, partially decapitated jackalope (made by Teri). Jackalopes are somehow related to murder mysteries, right?


Just came back from singing Happy Birthday. Here are the last few pictures for the night:

That poor torched jackalope.

Happy Birthday to my little girl! The one who is now four inches taller than me and could easily kick my ass. But she's still, and always, my baby girl, and I don't care if that's a cliché, because it's true.


  1. Oh, Jodi!!! That's so much fun!! I wish I'd had something like this when I was fifteen! Or twenty! Or even now. Lol! ^_^

    Happy Birthday to your teenager!! You totally don't look old enough to have a 15 year old! What?!

    That was such a great idea though. I'm so jealous! ^_^

    1. I was thinking the same thing the whole night Krystal..."Why didn't I do this as a teen?" It looked like SO much fun. It's a good thing you don't live up here or else we'd be these big dorks having Murder Mystery parties. ;)

      Thank you for agreeing that I'm not old enough to have a teen! (Haha)

  2. Aww, Happy Birthday to Trin! Even I'm having a hard time believing that you have a 15 year old. I honestly think I had this issue when I realized how old Shannon's kids are, too. My goodness, where do the years go? I remember when WE were 15!!!

    Her murder mystery dinner looks awesome. That's way more creative than I ever was at 15! But, I think we needed better pictures of that jackalope cake. :P

    1. I was 15 years old when I first started hanging out at Clint's house, Kristyn (and I think you were around that same age when you started dating Mike). So this means Trinity is officially the same age we were when we started getting romantically involved with our future husbands! Yikes.

      I agree--the poor jackalope cake is severely misrepresented with all those flames. :P I'll have to see if my mother in-law got a close-up of it before the poor guy was decapitated and torched.

      Okay, I have to go now so I can install some bars or something on my daughter's window.

    2. Okay, this is my third time posting so apologies if you get this three times (feel free to delete ;)

      Your pool/patio area looks so inviting, and what a fun birthday party!! And your daughter has one awesome mom :)

      (..and for real, I saw a girl on FB from my year in high school who mentioned her 17-year-old and I was like, uh, how are we old enough for that? Agh!)

    3. It only came through once Cheyenne, and my apologies that Blogger is SO HORRIBLE with comments.

      Thank you! (For patio compliment, but even more for awesome mom comment).

      My twin sister has a 17 year old daughter graduating high school next month, so even though I complain about not being old enough for a 14 year old, technically I'm old enough for a 17 year old! *cries*

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