Thursday, March 26, 2015

5 Things I Shouldn't Have to Learn but Did Anyway

I found this post (or what looked like the start of a post) in my drafts, and since I'm desperate to squeeze in an entry before the next WIP Report (I swear my blog is hanging on that one last flimsy thread for its very survival), I'm going to copy/paste it below:

Five Things I Learned in Teaching this Week

  1. If you period-sub for a moderate-to-severe special ed. class, be prepared to have your hair petted for 47 minutes by kids who regard you like you're an exotic unicorn.
  2. If a student says "I think I'm going to die" after running the monster mile in P.E., responding with "We have a lot to cover today...can you hold off dying until you get to Mr. C's class?" is probably not the most compassionate response.
  3. ALWAYS expect your iPad to be on the wrong Pandora playlist. If you think you're getting ready to play soft, tranquil mood music during Silent Sustained Reading, fully expect Wiggle by Snoop Dog to blast instead.
  4. Telling your writing enrichment class about your idea for a character who is a sadistic empath might leave them frozen, wide-eyed, and a little terrified of you.
  5. If a student asks "Mrs. P., what is the definition of the word arousal?" do not attempt to answer. You will fail miserably. Let Webster handle that discussion.

~ ~ ~

I'm sure this post was going somewhere, but since it was from about six months ago, that's all I've got.


  1. Who says posts have to go somewhere? ;)
    #2 is hilarious! That is like the only way to respond. LOL!

    Arousal *ahem* -- the state or condition of being aroused *bows* Thankyouverymuch.

  2. I LOLed at #5. Good grief... and I wanted to do the same thing and get in there to post a blog update before the marathon check-in! My blog has become very sad and lonely these days (not that it wasn't always...) but this is a new low! I guess I've been busy, er, writing, and doing life-stuff ;) Thanks for the chuckles :)

  3. Mrs. P... what's the definition of arousal? *waits patiently for an answer* :P


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