Sunday, February 8, 2015

#WIPMarathon Report - So Very Late!

Thank goodness for WIP Reports or else my blog would still be sitting here, cold and deprived and alone, forever and ever.

I realize that this WIP Report is SO LATE. I really want to apologize to my fellow bloggers because I know I have been totally MIA--from my own blog, and yours. I wish this was coming with the promise that I'll be more consistent, but I just don't know.

Okay, report time!

Last report word count + chapter count/scene count: 0

Current report WC + CC/ SC: 2,354 - Almost finished with chapter 1.

I never produce big numbers guys. But I've decided it's all good, because Book 1 was nothing more than a conglomerate of my low, pitiful word counts, yet it still shaped itself into a novel. I'm 99% sure this one will too. Well, maybe more like 82.3%. Or 78.4...okay, I might not have enough faith to move a mountain, but at the minimum I can move a hill. A small hill. 

At least a pile of dirt. 

On the plus side, I already have a title for this book! You may have seen it on my sidebar. I'm calling this second installment of Chasing Echoes BLACK LILIES. If you dislike it don't bother telling me because that title makes me swoon with happiness and I'm totally keeping it. :P I remember how uncertain I felt about every single title I chose for book 1, so it feels pretty awesome to fall in love with a title so fast this time around. Oh, and lucky for me, Black Lilies exists nowhere on Amazon.

Or wait, WAIT--should I call it BLACK SPRING instead? Crap, I like that one too! And both titles totally connect to my story line.

WIP Issues This Month: Research. As in, I can't even start chapter 2 without doing some research, yet I can't muster up the motivation to do it. A big chunk of my novel takes place in 1876, and I don't know anything about that time period. And while most writers enjoy history, I'm not one of them, so schooling myself on the 1800s sounds about as appealing as stabbing myself in the eye.

What I learned this month in writing marketing whatever: 
  1. One reader posted recently on my Facebook wall: "So since I bought your book for Kindle, will you sign my iPad?" Clearly he was joking, but shortly later, another writerly-acquaintance on Facebook posted about this: AUTHORGRAPH.COM. Authorgraph makes it possible for authors to sign eBooks for their readers. Obviously it's not the same as having a signed hard copy of the book, but I think it's pretty innovative. I might look into this later.
  2. Ever get a stream of inspiration in the shower? Well now there's THIS: 

Okay, a part of me finds this silly. But another part of me can totally see myself using this and is wondering WHY ISN'T IT BIGGER? I could be scratching out my entire rough draft while lavishing in hot water and suds. 

I know I learned more, but I'm stumped at the moment. So...moving on.

What distracted me this month while writing: So many things. Work. The usual. Plus I went through and edited Chasing Echoes ALL OVER again. The entire book. I took one of my own paperbacks and marked directly in the book. Now I have to apply those edits onto my Word doc and re-do my file on Createspace, and I will officially have a second [cleaner] edition. But the biggest distraction is now that Chasing Echoes is out, social networking has been a much bigger demand on my time. Plus I've been researching marketing ideas (despite my loathing for marketing), and I prepped for my first ever author's event! Here's the flyer I made and posted on Facebook:

I discovered that as much as I hate marketing, I love love LOVE doing community events. Granted I'm basing this enthusiasm on one measly event, but it was SO MUCH FUN. And I sold a bunch of books! 

 Before event

 High schoolers getting their books signed

 Cheesy grin

 Answering questions about writing

 Signing bookmarks

 Thank God Shan was there! She SAVED me. I would not have been able to keep up on my own.

 Old high school friends surprised me with a visit!

 Um...just another picture

 Me and one of my students

My Chasing Echoes Pinterest Board

It was such a positive experience that Clint and I are now looking into other community events that I might be able to attend. Right now we have our eyes set on Crestline's "Wine and Stein Walk through the Pines" event in May, but more about that in another post.

Goal for next month: I want to start, and finish, chapter 2 of Black Lilies (or Black Spring?). I also want to put out edition 2 of Chasing Echoes. Oh, and I need to take a decent pic of myself that I can actually use for an author's bio. Seriously, I have NONE. 

Last 200 words (BLACK LILIES, Chapter 1, ROUGH): 

And then my stomach turned. The smudge was back. I watched as it flickered on the same part of the wall where it had disappeared from before, and then slid across the ground like something gelatinous and alive. 
What was it? I narrowed my eyes, adjusting my glasses again. It was moving at a snail’s pace on the asphalt. 
Moving toward me.
I stepped back, putting my arm on Krystal’s. She raised her eyebrows at me, and I pointed over at the shadow. She followed my gesture, and then turned back to look at me.
“Aviva, what’s wrong? There’s nothing there.”
“Are you sure?” I whispered, not wanting the rest of my family to hear. They were all engaged in some conversation about relatives of Dad sensing time disturbances, or rats, or something, so I doubted it would be a problem. 
“Yes, I’m sure. What do you think is there?”
“I, uh, I don’t know. I keep seeing a shadow.” My eyes skimmed the dark asphalt. Once again, the shadow was gone.
“With all this candlelight, there’s a ton of shadows,” she pointed out.
I sighed, not knowing how to explain to her that this one was different.

The rest of my Sunday is booked, but tomorrow I'm excited to catch up on some of my fellow Marathoners' progress for the new year. Thanks for not giving up on me (and for the shout-outs on twitter to get my butt in gear)!

But one more thing. BLACK LILIES or BLACK SPRING?


  1. Black Lilies!! Black Spring!! I LOVES them both so much!! They're both so invoking... ^_^ Hmm...#lifeshardchoices...OMG, I love them...if it helps any, I totally want to kidnap Black Spring and raise it as my own and dress it in a crazy awesome black dress so it can waltz up the creek in the dead of night looking all gorgeous and dangerous and poisonous. ^_^

    NOOO I want some aqua notes!! And I'm with you...why is the pad so small. I needs a bigger note pad. If for no other reason so I don't have to write so neat in the shower. Like really, I want it.

    EVENT!!!!!! YAY JODI!!!!!!! OMG. ^_^ I'm dying. You're so photogenic. You have to do more that's so awesome!! I'm so close to crying right now. Good crying. :)

    EXCERPT!!! (last time I'm shouting on your blog today I promise, Lol!) The imagery is so good! Plus, Krystal is there. ;P (Still thinking about Black's just so makes my eyes water.)

    1. Krystal! I am laughing SO HARD! Like, crying. You are too hysterical for words!

      I'm glad you love both of those titles! But that doesn't help me decide which one is better, dang it. LOL. Although if Black Spring is making your eyes water and stuff, that's probably a pretty decent title. Hmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Arghhhhhhhh. #lifeshardchoices

      Thank you for calling me photogenic! It was so much fun--I didn't even have to fake those smiles (haha).

      Thanks also for the commentary on my excerpt. It's so weird to be at ground zero again, starting out with a ROUGH rough draft.

      P.S. If I don't go with Black Spring, it's all yours! :P


  2. YAY!! So cool to hear how you've been doing, and CONGRATS on your book event! It looks like it was a smashing success and all the work you put into it is so impressive -- I love the Pinterest board! It must be exhilarating to have your first event behind you and have MANY MORE to look forward to :)

    Lovely, evocative excerpt (love the word "gelatinous" :D) And by the way, you have the most gorgeous long hair!! (What's your secret?!? Do tell! ;) Best of luck on Chapter 2 this month!

    1. Thanks Cheyenne! I think that's the best part of it--having the first event behind me. I feel like "Okay, I actually survived--and it was surprisingly fun." Now I get to relax and look forward to future events without stressing about the big 'unknown'. I actually really enjoyed preparing for this too, and all of the stuff I prepped (i.e. the Pinterest Board), I'll have ready to go for the next event.

      Awwwwww (long hair comment)! Thank you! My secret is to get so busy writing a book that I end up going over a year without a haircut. Glad it's working out. LOL

      Thanks for the kind words on my excerpt. Best of luck on your writing goals this month too! <3

  3. I think Black Spring! ...But then, I'm not sure I should get a vote, considering... Lily.

    About time you posted!!! *giggles*

    And, um.... Writing in the shower? Are you changing genres? LOL!

    Love you girly, I'm emailing you now.

    1. Sorry Mel, your vote doesn't count! If you were trying to write a book called "Black Trinity," I would veto it too. ;)

      Hmmmm. If I find the super-sized version of those aqua notes, then I just *might* have to change genres!

      Love you too Missy!


    Okay, that said, your book signing looked awesome. I wish I could have come--damn that 12:30 flight! I'm glad it was so successful, what an amazing experience. If you do more of them, make sure you share the pics (maybe you should get Instagram! lol).

    I loved your excerpt. Poor Aviva!

    Oh, and I seriously need those note pads. It seems like all the best ideas come when I'm in the shower, or driving somewhere, or going to sleep. Never when I want them to strike! :D

    PS. I agree with Krystal. You are sooooo photogenic!

    1. I had a feeling you would prefer Black Lilies, Kristyn. Just because I am *that* intuitive. (Or maybe it was because you were squealing all over it in the car and saying you were going to steal it if I didn't use it...but I'm going with the intuitive theory). :P

      I wish you could have been at the book signing too! That would have been icing on the cake!

      All my best ideas strike at the same moments you just described above too. Clint actually got me a little recording device for those moments where inspiration strikes while driving or whatnot, but that doesn't help much with showering and sleeping.

      I love it that you girls keep calling me photogenic, when my eyes are pretty much closed in all these pics. *grins* *eyes squint shut* <3


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