Sunday, December 28, 2014

WIPMarathon Report: Here's to the New Year!

Wow I swear 2014 went by in a blink. But honestly you guys, this has been a pretty special year. I'm almost positive that meeting the WIPMarathoners is what gave me that final push to finish my book. Your posts every month highlighting all of your writing wonders and woes is what kept me from sinking sometimes, and kept me inspired. That being said, here is my final WIP Report for 2014. *sniffle*
Things I’m Glad I Did In 2014:
  1. Finishing my very first book. I'm still in awe. And publishing it! Wow. What a ride.
  2. Already stated above, but getting to network with other writers, such as Ms. Ifeoma, Ms. Krystal, and the rest of the WIPMarathon crew. Also, getting to know and love writers who are outside of my genre--like, WAY outside (some of my favorite souls this year turned out to be erotica and/or horror writers...who would've thought?). 
  3. Asking hubby for all rights to the office. It seems small, but I feel invigorated being able to start the new year with my own little writing space. 
In 2015, I’d love to:
  1. Write Book 2 in the CE Series. Aviva's story is up next, and I'm nearly giddy that I get to depart from Taz's crazy time loop madness and move on to Aviva's intriguing little ghost story.
  2. Figure out how to multitask in writing. I've never been one of those people who can work on more than one project at a time, but I have several ideas for other books/novellas that I would love to start outlining/drafting. I just don't know how to do this. Multitask, that is. HOW? (Krystal, do a blog post about this!)
  3. Return to some of my non-writing hobbies. I love oil-painting, shooting arrows in my backyard, renovating things in my house, etc., but I sort of gave those things up this year to finish my book. I miss having other things in my life to help me decompress, especially since writing can be so stressful. I'd also like to spend more silly-time with my kids.
  4. Continue to foster my online friendships, and support others the same way they've supported me.
  5. Meet some local writers in my town. It would be amazing to have at least one flesh and blood writer-person to interact with, one who I can actually see and touch and...(am I getting creepy?)

I'm going to skip this month's regular check-in since I spent this month in the publishing throes rather than working on a manuscript, but I feel pretty optimistic that I'll have something to report to break in the new year in January. Until then, I'll conclude with this (it says '2014' but is definitely applicable to the new year):

#8 is my favorite. Cheers to a wonderful year, and here's hoping 2015 will bring even more triumphs (even if you have to lose a little sanity to get there). 


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your first book and getting it out there! I know I've already said this, but it bears repeating. ^_^

    I often neglect my hobbies, too to write. I'm trying to find at least one I can pick up on a more consistent basis. You know what, right now, I'm picking one - piano. My first goal for 2015, play the piano more. I love it, and I never do it anymore. Written down. Done and done. ^_^ Back in my hay day, LOL, I used to do nothing but write and draw. Stories, poems, and song lyrics. I wanted to be a fashion designer/writer. ^_^ Sewing is too expensive to pick back up right now though. I get carried away in the fabric store, and then I'm stressed out because I can't make something and write at the same time, and I rather write, so...yeah. ^_^

    HAPPY Happy New Year, Jodi!! May it be full of productiveness, awesomeness, and hobbieness. ^_^

    1. I so feel you pain Krystal! I love to paint, but I love writing more, so every time I sit down to do an oil painting, I feel like I'm "cheating" on the thing I love the most. And really, there's not enough hours in the day to write the way I need/want to, so forsaking any of those hours towards other hobbies seems foolish to me. But that's not really fair, is it? Because painting a beautiful picture, or playing a beautiful song on the piano, is just as worthy of our time as writing, right? I don't know. I just feel like I owe it to myself and my other interests to devote time to OTHER things, too. But putting that in practice is really tricky, especially when writing already leaves us so stretched thin.

      Thank you for all the congrats and Happy New Year to you too, Krystal! <3

  2. Good on you for finishing your first book! That's such an awesome achievement! ^_^

    Love that image! The biggest lesson I learned this year was to keep writing no matter what happened. Hope 2015 brings great things! :)

    1. Thank you Emma!

      I love that image too and am really crossing my fingers that I'll be able to apply it for 2015. I hope the New Year brings you beautiful things too--best wishes and happy writing!

  3. You've had an uh-ma-zing year, Jodi! Congratulations on all your success, and may 2015 bring you even more. Oil-painting, shooting arrows and silly-time with kids--fun fun fun! I think your life in 2015 definitely needs more of those. :-)
    #8 is my favorite too. NaNoWriMo taught me to also eat whenever I want (and, uh, whatever I want) if that's what it takes to make myself write--though I'm not sure that's a good new year's resolution considering it's beneficial only to my writing, and not my wallet or health. Oh well? ;-)
    -Amanda Shayne

    1. Hehe...I'm glad you second my motion for more arrow-shooting and silly play time Amanda.

      I'm giggling so much at your whole food-thingy. I remember when I was scrambling to finish my last chapter, I couldn't even get myself to get up to eat, so my husband would just shove food under my nose on a paper plate and I would inhale it while writing. I'm not even sure what I ate! I think one time it was a hot dog and cranberry sauce. Yeah, writing is definitely NOT good for one's health. I almost want to google "writers and shorter life spans", but I'm afraid to look (ignorance is bliss).

      Happy New Year!

  4. I need to adopt your writing goals list.... right after I somehow manage to achieve 3 consecutive hours of sleep! ;P

    Now. Do we truly have to wait until December 2016 to read Aviva's story?! :*(

    1. God I hope not Mel. But the first book took me three years, and Dec. '16 is only giving me two, so I figured I would try to set myself a realistic (and maybe slightly generous) deadline and then if it ends up done earlier, well, yay. If my students would just let me sit at my desk and write all day, that would be a huge help. But they want, like, and education and stuff.

      Three consecutive hours of sleep? So maybe by mid-2015? ;)

  5. Woohoo! Yay for getting published! Just bought it and can't wait to read it all over again on my Kindle...a REAL book. Who would have thought the little book I beta-read would end up here?
    You pretty much rocked 2014 what with meeting our June 30th deadline, and also editing and getting published!

    Here's to 2015 and an even stronger friendship! And of course, lots of successes! <3

    1. Yay Ifeoma! I can't wait for you to read a CLEAN copy of it--and to see what all your hard work amounted to.

      I felt like such a puddle of failure this year, so it's weird to reach the end and realize I was getting stuff accomplished, after all. It's hard to see it until you're in Retrospect Land.

      Yes, here's to our strengthening friendship! *clink*

  6. You've had a pretty amazing year, Jodi. Congrats again on publishing your book. That is so fantastic. When you figure out how to multi-task in writing, let me know your secret. I'd love to be able to do that. I have two novels in full swing right now and I want to finish both of them. This coming year, I plan to do just that... finally finish my LD project. I'm looking forward to seeing what's to come with your next book!

    You'll have to email me and let me know how WIPMaraton works. I'd love to join in the coming year if that's a possibility. I need that little push to get going, and it seems like a lovely community.

    Happy New Year, Jodi!! Hoping to see you in the coming months!

    1. I'm elated to hear that you're making such good progress on your books! And the fact that you're thinking about joining the WIPMarathon ranks is music to my ears. I'll e-mail you about it soon (probably tonight).

      If you figure out that multitasking secret first, you have to share it with me. LOL.

      Happy New Year Kristyn! Hope to see you soon. <3

  7. How cool that you have your own office all to yourself! What a way to start a new year of writing! And I agree with you on the importance of finding a good writing group. Writing buddies are THE BEST.

    Happy 2015!

    1. The office is a God-send Caryn! Of course, it's been three weeks now and every time I go in there to write, I just sit there playing around with stuff on my shelf or staring around in awe that it's all MINE. (I really need to get over this soon).

      Happy 2015 to you too!

      --Jodi (Unknown is me...I'm too lazy to log into gmail right now, though in the time I wrote this sentence I probably could have done it)


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