Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wish Granted

Last night I started reading this book.

 Yep, while my peers are reading Gone Girl and Game of Thrones, I'm reading 1876 by Gore Vidal (who shows a propensity for writing his name so big that it looks like part of the title). 

Why am I reading this lovely, um, flesh-colored book?

Well, it started a few days ago, when I confessed to my husband that I was stalling with writing the next book in the Chasing Echoes Series because I'm completely, utterly daunted by the research it requires. Book 2 is Aviva's story, and half of it takes place in 1876. I know NOTHING about 1876. I mean, really you guys, I do mean nothing. I am really bad with time periods and history. I told some coworkers in the staff room a few weeks ago that if it weren't for the fact that they were labeled "I" and "II," I'd have no idea which World War came first. So while I'm pretty sure they didn't have microwaves in 1876, did they have electricity? What about cars...or was it horse drawn buggies? Had the phone been invented? What about the radio? Oh, and what did they wear? I'm kind of picturing Amish clothing. And what was going on in America during that time? I do know that 1876 is a Centennial year, but WHAT ON EARTH DOES THAT MEAN? 

Of course I can google these questions, but it still doesn't paint a big picture for me. I might find out that they--the 1876ians--churned their own butter, but it would take hundreds of questions answered before I had an idea of what day-to-day life was like.

In lamenting to my hubby, I told him "I wish there was a book I could read that takes place in 1876...just so I could bury myself in that world and come out feeling confident to write about it." A few keystrokes later, he said "Your book is on the way." He turned the screen toward me, and there it was. A BOOK CALLED 1876. I couldn't believe it. 

So thank you, Gore Vidal, for helping me with my research. Your beautiful book with its giant cobalt blue font on its slightly sickly-colored tan background is a wish granted. 

Okay, back to reading.

P.S. This book is big. Pretty sure it's going to take me a year to read about a year.