Monday, November 24, 2014


I’ve already said this too many times this morning, but I have to, here, one more time.

If you click on that above-link, it will lead you to Krystal Jane’s lovely cover reveal on my book. I had Krystal do the honors because a) I knew she would do a better job than me, and b) her blog rocks. But, just for posterity’s sake, I’ll go ahead and post my cover HERE, too. After all, Ocean in a Cup was the blog that had to endure all of my ranting and whining for the last five years or whatever; it probably deserves to have some good news smattered on it too.

So here it is, the full cover wrap for CHASING ECHOES:

And here is the eBook cover:

I have Najla Qamber to thank for such a job well done--love her!

In other news, I now have an official author’s website: It has all of the information about my book, Goodreads link, etc. There is also a blog section of the site, and I’m going to use that as a place to record anything related to Chasing Echoes, future books in the series, etc. Unfortunately this means TWO BLOGS again. History has shown that I don’t keep up well with two blogs. But I did take out the comment section of Blog #2 in an effort to help keep up, so hopefully that will work.

Ocean in a Cup is my personal space, so I decided I would like to keep it as marketing-free as possible. I'll go ahead and post a few links on my side margin for my book (once the book is available), but I won’t be pushing sales through these blog posts. 


  1. Beautiful, Jodi! I am so, so happy for you. I'm looking forward to ordering. I'm just so impressed by how organized you are right now with a release date, website, book cover release, and all. I can see right now that when I get around to this (maybe I should say if, lol), it's going to be a mess!

    Congratulations, truly.

    1. Oh wow Kristyn, I don't feel organized at all. It's been such a whirlwind. And I have made so many mistakes. There is such a huge learning curve when you're publishing a book. When (emphasis on WHEN) you do this, talk to me first so you can learn from my mistakes!

      Thank you for the congrats!

  2. Aw, thank you! Why are you so nice to me?! *cries*
    You're the bestest! *HUGS*

    Yes, Najla did an AMAZING job!! T-Minus 3 weeks!! ^_^

  3. Ditto all of that Krystal, down to the crying and hugs! Thank you again for putting up with me this week!

    Ooh, I need to put a counter-downer (not sure what those things are called) on my blog or something. I'll look into that.

  4. I'm just so excited! Can't wait to hold that book in my hands!

    1. That's what I'm the most excited about...holding the book in my hands for the first time. You can keep the Kindle version. I've seen the damn thing on a screen for years--I'm ready to see it on paper. ;)

  5. Wow! That is beyond gorgeous! Congratulations and good luck with your release!!


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