Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Book Cover Shining Like a Strobe Light on the Down Low

I was told, "Keep your book cover to yourself until it's time for the big reveal." So I intently followed those directions. And then I *might have* enthusiastically showed my cover to fellow teachers from my cell phone every time they walked into my classroom.

I also might have texted it to a small smattering of family members and close friends.

And I sorta, kinda might have hung up a giant book poster, complete with release date, in my classroom to be seen by approximately 104 students a day.

Yeah, I might be a wee bit HORRIBLE at keeping my cover to myself. My cover reveal is going to be the lamest, most anticlimactic event EVER.

But I did try.

Sort of.

Okay, I'm off to go design book markers now. You know, displaying my book cover. Before my grand reveal. Because that's how I do.