Sunday, August 24, 2014

Back to the Grind

I've officially been at work for two weeks now (and have neglected my blog for at least that long). My first day with students went well! Here's a quick summary of that first day:
  • The air conditioner in my classroom didn't work for half the day, then worked beautifully, then stopped working that afternoon (just in time for triple-digit temperatures).
  • My internet wouldn't work. Since we take attendance through an online system, you can see how this might be a problem. 
  • Our bells were't working. 
  • Our loud speaker wasn't working. Very convenient since our school uses the intercom system to instruct 7th graders where to go on their first day of school. Students are also led in the Pledge of Allegiance via the loudspeaker, so we were officially the most unpatriotic campus in America that week (though on day three it occurred to me that I could lead my own homeroom class in the Pledge).  
  • Our copy machines were not working. 
So that about covers it. I was surprised to discover that I loved not having bells! It was nice to not be at the mercy of some monotonous beep to decide when classes were over (though I did accidentally dismiss one class ten minutes early. Oops).

In addition to the first day of school hoopla, Clint and I have been in and out of the ER because Elijah was exhibiting symptoms resembling appendicitis and kept getting sent home by his school. It took three days before the ultrasounds revealed the culprit (what looks like an inflamed lymph node near the appendix). We seem to be out of the woods with all that now, but what an ordeal.

I have a new room this year, and I could not be happier with it. You see that door right there in the corner? (Ignore blanked-out poster--I had to censor that for privacy reasons).

That's an interior door leading to a small storage room--a space I share with two of my friends/coworkers, Naomi and Jen. Basically it's like a "secret passageway" into each other's rooms. Maybe it's typical for classrooms in the Midwest, East Coast, etc., to connect in a similar fashion, but it's rare at our school. 90-some percent of our classrooms are islands unto themselves, with only one door leading outside. Jen, Naomi, and I all teach 7th grade Language Arts, so this set-up is perfect for us to be able to pop in and out of each other's rooms throughout the day for quick collaboration (or just to say 'hi'). But for me, I love having colleagues right there that I get to see every day. It seems like such a small thing, but teaching can be a very isolating profession, and now I'm really enjoying that daily human-contact (okay, 7th graders are human too, sort of, but you get my point).

As far as writing goes, I haven't got anything done. I told myself I would allow myself a two week break from revisions so I could get reacclimatized with work. Now that two weeks is up, so I guess I better get crackin'.


  1. Triple digits!! *dies*
    That's funny about the pledge though. It's hilarious the things that slip our minds when things are falling apart. But that IS super cool about the passageway! I know how much I would love that if I was there!

    Writing breaks are necessary obligations, but now that you're all settled into your cushy new digs (that is a nice classroom!) yes, WIPMarathon Check-In is this weekend. *nudge* You're not allowed to bow out. I'm be waiting for your update. *stares* ^_^

    1. The passageway is VERY cool Krystal. I'm probably over-using it, but I don't care. :)

      My new classroom was a disaster when I first moved in. Dingy gray walls, upturned desks...I was quite depressed with it. But after three days of cleaning/decorating (hubby helped, thank goodness!), it became a pleasant place--and now I love my 'cushy new digs'!

      Writing report next weekend? Boy I'm in trouble. *stares back, blinks, throws arms up in air and pronounces you the goddess of staring contests*

  2. Wonderful! A secret passage way! Fantastic, Jodi. Use it for Awesome, ok?

    1. By "awesome" you meant "mischief," right Eric? ;)

    2. Indeed! What else could I have meant?

    3. Well, you know, sometimes awesome means awesome, but I'm glad I'm still fluent in Eric-ese.

  3. You may a secret passage way in your classroom, but I have a cave in my there.

    I can't believe ALL that went wrong at your school in the first week! The district knew school was starting that day, right?

    Get back to writing!!!

    1. I replied to this yesterday Shan, and my comment is gone! Arghhh. It probably never went through in the first place.

      Okay, cliff-notes version of my reply: 1. You and your stupid cave, and 2. I think our school was on summer break for a week longer than we were (I forgot to mention in this post that my lights didn't work for three days either!)

  4. Sounds like everything that could go wrong on day one did. But, maybe the clouds have passed and it'll be smooth sailing the rest of the semester!! :D

    That said, I don't remember our classrooms looking so awesome when I was in middle school. Your room looks pretty cool, Jodi! Those are some lucky students!!

    1. That sounds about right, Kristyn. I mean, other than having a Code Red on the first day of school or the library catching on fire, you couldn't ask for a bumpier start.

      Thanks for the compliment on my classroom! It took me a good three days to decorate it and get it all organized. But I figure I spend so much time there--it truly is my second home--that it's worth the extra time to make it a pleasant place.


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