Saturday, May 3, 2014

Writeapy or Ocean in a Cup?

Help! I need to make a decision about my blog and I'm stuck.

At the writer's conference I attended in February, when the presenters were talking about the logistics of sending out queries and/or synopsises (what the hell is the plural for that word?), several of them mentioned how good it looks on your query letter to be able to show a blog. The content of the blog is pretty much irrelevant, it's the endurance of the blog that matters more. Potential agents and publishers simply like to see that you are someone who is committed to writing regularly.

This was bittersweet news for me. The sweet part is that I've been blogging regularly since August of 2009. Sustainability with writing is definitely not a problem.

The bitter part is that I switched over to a new blog last year, so my current blog shows barely one year of posts.

My original purpose for switching over to a new blog was because Shan and I intended to do this one together and we needed a fresh place to start. Now, with that out of the equation, I've decided--well, I THINK I've decided--to import all of my posts from Ocean in a Cup to Writeapy. No more two blogs, no more linking back to posts from a past blog--everything together. BUT there would be a lot of disjointed posts. The "Goodbye" post on Ocean, for example, would no longer make much sense. Nor would the "Welcome" post on Writeapy. All my current links to my old blog would have to be changed. Basically the process of importing those posts would leave me with a lot of loose ends to deal with. But any prospective agents who clicked on my blog would see five years worth of posts instead of barely one, and that's a pretty big plus.

This brings me to question #1: Should I do it? I'm leaning toward yes, unless I hear a compelling reason NOT to.

Which brings me to question #2: If I go through with this, what should I name the new combined blog? Ocean in a Cup or Writeapy? Right now I have both URLs. I like Writeapy a lot, but it sounds so much like a writer's blog. Yes, some of my posts are about writing, but when they're mixed in there with posts about dreaming of giant copper toilets or accidentally spaying my cat twice, it might be a bit of a misnomer. Ocean in a Cup, on the other hand, is not quite as snappy of a title, but I've always been super fond of it. It's unique (even though part of it came from a CD label) and captures the essence of my blog. In my mind, anyway. I explained my rationale for the title on my old blog, but right now I'll just say it's just more personal to me and leave it at that. But switching over to Ocean means yet another change of URL...ugh. Again. Such a pain. And maybe the title is weird and I just don't realize it because it's special to me.

So back to question #2: Which name? Kristyn, Shan, Ifeoma, and anyone else who cares to weigh in, help! Rick and Jewls, you guys can e-mail me with your opinion since I know you won't comment here (see that? I called you all out by name to ensure responses. So devious. Don't kill me Jewls).

This is one of those things where I am TRULY going with what the majority says.

By the way, Ocean in a Cup expires in about a week, so I need to decide fast.