Monday, April 28, 2014

#WIPMarathon Report #3

I missed my monthly check-in on Saturday, but that was because I was at Universal Studios with 45 middle-schoolers (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). So here we go...welcome to my bleakest writing report ever! 

Last report word count + chapter count/scene count: 85,746 - 26 chapters completed
Current report WC + CC/ SC: 86,801 - Still, 26 chapters completed
WIP Issues This Month: April is THE WORST. 
Four things I learned this month in writing: 
  1. Writing...
  2. in...
  3. April...
  4. is impossible.
What distracted me this month while writing: Mother in-law's birthday, daughter's birthday, Kid's Fishing Clinic, Dad' birthday, Movie field-trip, Kiwanis One Night, Spring Carnival, Easter, Universal Studios field-trip, Snake Bytes, a bazillion different parent-teacher conferences, grading, and...well, just picture my head rolling down the street, and me trying to catch it so I can screw it back on.
Goal for next month: Starting chapter 27 is sounding pretty good to me right now. 
Last 200 words: Okay, this is the spoiler I avoided posting last month, so if you end up being one of my beta readers, pretend you've never read this. Sound good? (Ifeoma, you're fine--you've read this already).

    He hadn’t changed at all. And I had fallen for it. Fallen for him. 
My knees buckled beneath me, and I lurched toward the nearby police car. The gray was closing in. I wasn’t surprised. I had overdone it. Now that the adrenaline and euphoria were seeping out of my body, I was crumbling just like the light pole lying decrepitly over the van. I clung onto the side-mirror of the police car, letting my body fall against the driver’s door.
Two EMTs ran up. “Miss, are you okay?” They took me underneath my arms and started dragging me toward the ambulance. “She’s going into shock.”
But I could barely hear them. I twisted around, trying one last time to see Stryder. To make sense of anything.
“My name is Stryder Black,” I heard his voice say. “I would like to turn myself in…” my stomach lurched. What was he doing? Fog encroached the edges of my vision. I tried with every ounce of my being to cling onto consciousness. “…for the hit and run of Joseph Tanning.”
Hit and run? What? He couldn’t have…
I sank miserably into blackness, letting the fog engulf me.


  1. Wow, LOVE the excerpt. Would love to read more of this!

    Secondly, your April = my May. Everyone in the world has their birthday in May, and our wedding anniversary is now smack in the middle. So junk's about to GET REAL. And hey, you STILL got words done despite being with 45 middle schoolers at Universal? I don't know if I'd even be able to get out of bed for a few weeks after such an experience ;) Go easy on yourself, and best wishes for May! :)

    1. Thank you Cheyenne!

      Yeah, we have four birthdays in April, plus non-stop deadlines at makes for a rough time to write. I truly feel for you that you have to endure this same insanity in May!

  2. Haha I agree! April killed off almost all the muses and I can't believe it's May already. But hey you're 100 words closer to your goal, and when you're already at 87K, it's pretty close.

    Hope May is less busy for you! Also, do you think our June deadline is still feasible? I'm starting to sweat over it. :(

    1. I'm actually 55 words closer to my goal, but hey, who's counting? *groan* Oh, plus those words were inserted into the middle of the book, so I'm pretty sure that doesn't count. In fact, it's probably counterproductive to add MORE to my word count but NOT move forward...okay, I'm going to stop talking now.

      YES, I still think June is possible (did I really say June? Crap--I mean, er--GOOD, 'cause I'm going to do it!). But to be fair, I'm on break beginning June 1. So I will have lots of time to sit down and write. Sadly, I don't think the same applies for you. :(


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