Sunday, January 12, 2014

Resolutions, Black Fish, & British Relatives

I'm a little late with this, but here's our New Year's resolutions. I say "ours" because I decided to post my family's resolutions too. After I forced them to make some up, that is. Okay, here we go:

"My New Year's resolution is to stop biting my nails and to like hot tea."

The hot tea thing is because she's a total Whovian who loves all things British. She even found out that her grandpa (Clint's dad) is 80% British. He himself just discovered this fact through (more about that another time). So she wants to liken herself to her British roots by forcing herself to choke down a beverage she normally can't stand. She is now drinking about three cups a day, so I think it's working.
"My resolution is to convince Dad to download Minecraft mods onto my computer." 

He's ten. His life is pretty simple. And I have no idea what "mods" are. 

"My resolution is to restore my Nova, and to go to the gym three times a week."*

*(It's possible that Clint's resolutions may have been completely fabricated by me due to his lack of playing-alongness. To my credit, I kept 50 % of his resolutions practical and relevant to his interests, when what I wanted to say was My resolution is to treat my wife like a princess and make her chocolate chip pancakes and rub her feet on a daily basis).

"My resolution is to finish my manuscript and to get a literary agent."

That would be awesome. I'll be thrilled if I can make that happen. The first half of that WILL happen, but that second half is...scary and partly out of my hands.

Changing the subject, we took Elijah to Sea World for his birthday yesterday. Before you decide to boycott my blog over this fact, I had NO IDEA about the whole Blackfish documentary and all that. I was off Facebook for a period of time, and I guess that's where I would have heard about it. But I have to say, ignorance is bliss, because the park was dead. We had free reign over the place. Shan's family went with us, and we made the mistake of sitting in the soak zone for the Shamu show where we got utterly destroyed. Like, not splashed a bit, but destroyed. I have never been that drenched in my life. Well, except for every time I take a bath or shower. Or when I get into a swimming pool, or a spa. Or the beach. Or...uh, I guess I have been that drenched before, so let's just let that hyperbole die now. But this was my UNDIES that were soaked, people. I mean, COME ON.

Changing the subject again, my husband is 40% British! Now if could only get him to talk in that accent....