Sunday, January 19, 2014

Changes - Next Exit

Since Shannon will no longer share this blog with me, let me just get this out of my system:  NOOOOOOOOO! (said in big whiney howl).

Okay, I'm good now. But seriously, even though her posts were getting fewer and farther between, I'm going to miss having her here sooo much. I love playing off of her entries, and sharing a blog with her is like our way of having one long, never-ending conversation. But honestly, I understand her reasons, and I was the one who actually gave her the "out" today so that she wouldn't have to feel like she let me down in any way. Plus she has agreed to write a guest post from time to time, so it's not like she's going to completely disappear (you better not completely disappear Sho!).

I changed the template, temporarily. Emphasis on temporarily because I really, really love our old template. The only reason I'm switching over to a new one is because with Shannon throwing in her non-suicidal blogging towel, I needed to push that symbolic "restart" button. Switching the template is kind of a...psychological trigger for a fresh start, I guess? It allows me to start thinking of this blog as "mine" instead of "ours."

I decided to keep "Writeapy."* Even though the name was originally conceived as a combination of my and Shan's interests (me, writing; her, therapy), the name still works. For me, writing IS therapy. that I've gotten all this out of the way, normal posts will now commence. :) 

*Update: After a lot of thought and some helpful voters, the title of this blog was reverted back to Ocean in a Cup on May 18, 2014.


  1. I love your reason for keeping the title! I also really like this theme; the colors are so pretty!

    1. Thanks Kristyn! I really loved these colors too. :)

  2. I love your new template! It's super-cool! And I love the new colors of your Twitter bird!

    It's cool you kept Writeapy, the name has grown on me.
    Plus it fits! Writing and therapy are two things that go really well together. ;-)

    I'm happy Shannon would be dropping in once in a makes her decision sound less final. :) I'm a wusshead when it comes to goodbyes.

    Love you, Shannon!
    And you too, Jodi!

    1. Thanks Ifeoma! I like my twitter bird too, but he's way too big and I can't figure out a way to shrink him. So for now, he's dwarfing the page, but at least he matches. ;)

      I'm a wusshead* with goodbyes too, so all you people better STAY PUT.

      *(I love that word, by the way. You should trade me for 'sissy lala').

      Love you too Ify!

  3. Jojo, I noticed your total word count went up on the meter, and your % went down...setting the bar higher for yourself I see!


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