Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Back from Paradise

Shan and I were officially home from our cruise late Saturday night (more like Sunday morning), but I've been avoiding our blog because I'm overwhelmed by the idea of writing about our week.  It would take pages to describe ONE day of the cruise, let alone the whole eight days.  Plus my pictures are still spread amongst five different cameras, and since I'm not on facebook anymore, it's going to take awhile for me to wrangle some photos to post.  Basically the cruise was amazing, but blogging about it right now sounds like a big fat chore.

So until I get around to doing a real entry about it (feel free to step in here any time Sho), here's a 15 second video clip of us girls playing on the beach at Atlantis (Shan in gray, Mom in blue, me in red).  It was stormy that day, but my mom labeled this afternoon on the beach as one of her most memorable moments of the whole cruise.  


  1. Welcome, Jodi!

    And I can't help re-watching your video! So much fun!

    I know what you mean about describing your trip, but you could post pictures with one or two descriptions after each and that would be great. Because pictures. I can't NOT wait for them (not sure it's correct, but you knowwww). :D

    P.S. I'll be emailing you soon. xo!

  2. Hi Ify! I am VERY much leaning toward your picture-idea, because...yeah. Pictures. LOL. Much better than a long boring narrative. So assuming I can scrounge up what I need, I'll do that.

    Looking forward to your e-mail! Hubby's leaving for Kansas on Sunday for a couple weeks, and at that point I plan to get back into DoT again. Hope things are moving along with your second draft!


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