Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Post of Excuses

Ditto what Jodi said! Every day this week, I have felt like I need to write a post about our vacation, but there is just SO MUCH. I do not know where to begin. And Jodi is absolutely right- our pics are inconveniently scattered among several cameras. Sadly, the pics I have on my camera are very few. Even worse, an entire island isn't even on a camera at all, but is still on a CD we had to purchase for $40 (we couldn't take our cameras because we were kayaking and snorkeling). To further complicate things, I am having a hell of a time uploading pictures at all onto this blog. Egh!

By the way, GETTING to our cruise ship was the WORST travel experience in my life. Jodi will confirm this.

I will try and write a decent post about our vacation this weekend (I was secretly hoping Jodi would beat me to it). Maybe I will just do bullet points or something.

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