Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Three quick things:
  1. Shannon's MIA because she no longer has a laptop.  Unless a new one spontaneously sprouts from one of those tall Pinecone trees in her yard, this problem might go on for a little while.  Until then, let's just pretend this blog is mine.  ALL MINE.  *insert maniacal laugh here*.
  2. DoT is still moving forward.  This is noteworthy only because I thought once I started back to work, it would be shoved on the back-burner until summer break next year.  It actually depressed me--the thought of all that hard work sitting around, collecting dust.  As it turns out, I was able to apply my grandpa's advice.  I find an hour here, twenty minutes there, to keep the story alive.  It's awesome to see my word count bar moving forward every day.  It's not moving forward in big leaps like it was over summer break, but it is slowly inching it's way toward 100%, and the thought of reaching that finish line makes me absolutely giddy.
  3. We bought Elijah a typewriter for Christmas.  I know--weird, right?  Like what nine year old boy wants a typewriter?  But it was inspired by a lyrics video for "The Lonely" by Christina Perri.  Elijah saw the video and fell in love with the typewriter and asked if he could have a working typewriter for Christmas.  I laughed, telling him, "Dude, they don't make them anymore."  But of course the writer in me fell in love with the idea of purchasing such a nostalgic piece, so we shopped around and purchased this one from eBay:

I'll have to let you know how long the honeymoon phase lasts with this thing before he casts it aside and returns to his iPad.  But I figure once he's bored with it, I can put it on display somewhere--maybe next to a quill-pen and a jar of ink--and daydream about the writers of yore.  And then maybe I'll feel inspired.  You know, to get off my ass, quit daydreaming, and actually write something.    

Oh yeah, the video.