Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back Online

Back online!  Whew!  Of course I lost our URL again.  But this time, I was cool and calm about it.  I didn't behave like this AT ALL.

Long story short: I had purchased the tumblecones URL using my Visa/debit card last year.  Several months ago my debit card expired, and I was issued a new one.  When google apps auto-renewed our URL, they tried to pull the funds from the expired card.  Obviously that didn't work out, and they cancelled my URL.  I tried repurchasing it several times, but no--it says the URL is unavailable.

To be fair, this one's on me, not the evil URL thieves who whisked fizzyjo away in the middle of the night.    

The new URL is "" (pronounced write-a-py), incorporating my passion for writing and Shannon's for therapy.  Well, I don't actually know if she has a passion for therapy (do you Sho?), but she must like it a little since she has a doctorate and stuff.  The title of the blog was changed to reflect the new URL.  I'm happy with the new title--I was surprised to find such a short and snappy .com still available.  But I'm going to miss tumblecones.  It was cute and silly.

I'll write a real post later this week--maybe tomorrow--but for now, what a relief to be back online!


  1. Glad you're back! <3 They wouldn't let you use tumblecones? Although writeapy is a cool combo- sounds both writerly and therapeutic ;)

  2. How on earth did you find this Ify? I haven't posted the new URL ANYWHERE yet. Although I did visit your site last night from here--maybe you caught the back link on your statcounter.

    No, they wouldn't let me take tumblecones again. It kept saying "URL unavailable." I was like, "What are you talking about?! You just took the name from ME. Of course it's available!" LOL ~Jodi

    1. Ackk. Yes that was how I found out actually!! Feedburner would probably deliver this post sometime tonight sooo glad I beat them to it!
      Oh maybe you can give it sometime and try changing it again. But I love writeapy. Sounds like a site that gives therapy for writers...and heaven knows we need your humor in our lives. ;)
      And I never asked- how did tumblecones come about?

    2. I live in the desert, my sis lives in the mountains. "Tumblecones" came about because a long time ago, in order to keep our locations anonymous, we dubbed the desert town I live in "Tumbleweed," and we dubbed hers "Pinecone." When we created this site, we simply combined the two. :)

  3. I. am. so. glad. you're. back!! I was startin' to worry about ya!! Welcome back and I'm glad you got your URL woes worked out. :)

  4. I laughed pretty hard when you said my "passion" for therapy. Do I have such a thing? I guess I feel passionate for therapy when they don't have a bunch of issues and stuff. Hahaha

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