Friday, July 26, 2013

The Rambling Times

On my old blog, I had a tendency to talk about a bazillion different things within one post.  It was very ADHD-esque.  For this newer blog, I sort of vowed to not do that.  I wanted to keep this new, uncluttered blog ramble-free, with each post focused on one topic.

Yeah, that ends now.  Sorry.  The good news is I put headings on everything, so you can skip all the boring stuff.

Guess I'll see you in three seconds at my siggy at the bottom of the page.

So, the happenings:     

Youth Safari:  We went to this very cool thing on Saturday called "Youth Safari," which is sort of like an outdoor expo-type-thing designed to introduce kids to outdoor activities that their grandparents' generation enjoyed.  There was rock-climbing, fishing, shooting (including black powder), archery, sling-shots, falconry, kayaking, and other things I can no longer remember.  It cost $30 per family, up to six members, and all of the above activities were included in that price.  It was very cool.  I have pictures on facebook, but I'm too lazy to retrieve them right now.  I might add them in later.

Raging Waters:  We went to Raging Waters on Monday.  We had an awesome day, with only two small mishaps.  The first was Clint got physically assaulted by our last slide--purple bruises all over his legs.  That's what happens when big boys go down slides.  The second was the fact that we took about a dozen photos, and only three came out.  Something is wrong with the photo app on Clint's camera, and it corrupted his pictures.  Here's the three that made it (so sad):

Hubby's Promotion:  Clint got accepted into engineer training at his work.  Here are the pluses to his new job:  
  • It's a huge raise.  As in a we're-looking-into-installing-an-in-ground-pool-this-February-type-raise.

Here are some downfalls: 
  • His hours are going to royally suck.  
  • He has to train in Kansas for three weeks in August, and two weeks in December.
  • Training is a total of five months, and his raise doesn't kick in until after he's finished (hence the pool in February).  
  • He had to sign a contract yesterday saying if he fails his training in Kansas, they can fire him.   
  • We're trapped here in the High Desert for three years. 
  • He can't go on the cruise with me in November.  
  • I don't like change.  

So the pluses and minuses aren't quite balanced.  I wonder if all of this is worth one stupid pool?  (The obvious answer is yes, yes it is. Hello, it's a POOL).

Dinner with Kristyn:  Kristyn is visiting from Texas, and we just had a fantastic dinner at Johnny Carinos last night.  She comes up about once a year, and it's practically a tradition now for us girls (her, Shan and I) to meet for dinner and gab for a few hours.  Dinner was fun, even though my first seat tried to swallow my ass and our waiter kept calling us his babies ("How are my babies doing?").  Overall, it was our usual awesome visit and I'm excited to see her again in October.

DoT:  I'm up to almost 53,000 words, but that doesn't seem like a big enough increase to change my word meter.  My grandpa has been amazing.  He helped me to reorganize my ten chapters into fifteen, and edited my entire manuscript (what I have so far).  Damn I hope I can get the thing published in his lifetime.

New cover concept:

I really like this one, although I would modify this image to include some of the symbolic items from my story.  Such as a grandfather clock tower in the distant mist ahead, with the time "7:17" peeking through.  I would also have leaves falling around her, a rat sitting on one of those posts, and a sundial pendant dangling from her right hand.  Okay, that's a lot.  But it looks amazing in my head.  And of course, I would change the fonts--Word fonts are so dang limiting and practically shout out that the cover was pieced together by a novice.  If I do decide to self-publish, my twitter friend and fellow writer Scott Moon referred me to this site that designs book covers for a mere $99: Pro Book Covers.  They've designed three covers for Scott now, and all of them look incredible, but none of them have that "YA" look I'm going for. I might go through them, but I still plan to shop around first.

Ifeoma:  I have to mention Ifeoma at least once on this blog.  She and I met through twitter, where we discovered that we were both working on manuscripts that we had both dubbed "DOT" (hers stands for Daughter of the Twelfth--isn't that a fantastic title?).  As it turns out, Ifeoma is not only my newfound DOT buddy, but she is simply a sweetheart of a person and a talented writer.  Check her out here.

Clocks:  I didn't realize it until the kids pointed it out yesterday, but I guess I'm sort of getting obsessed with clocks and time.

Blue:  My favorite color is now blue.

Okay, I think that covers this edition of the Rambling Times.


  1. Maybe next time you should do bullet points.

    I would LOVE to take the kids on that youth safari thing. Are they ever gonna do another one?

    I'm gonna start reading your manuscript tonight! We are gonna see a movie too though, so I may not get very far in it.

    LOVE the cover!!! ~Shan

    1. They do Youth Safari every summer! We should all go next year.

      What movie are you seeing?

    2. We didn't get to see the movie! Once a month (during the Summer months), our town shows movies on a GIANT screen at the ball park, and everyone sprawls out on the grass. We were supposed to see "Brave" tonight (I have already seen it), but they cancelled the move because of the rain (except there wasn't any rain).
      Since when is your favorite color blue? I thought your favorite color was clear?
      I'm gonna finish your manuscript today!

    3. That's so funny, Trin was supposed to go to a movie in the park with ASB earlier this week, and it too got cancelled due to non-rain. Gotta hate that annoying non-existent precipitation.

      I've finally succumbed to the fact that "clear" is not a color. :-(

      Get back to reading!

  2. For some reason, I get my gmail alerts for your posts 24 hours late! *not smiling at Feedburner*

    But oh my, the pictures that made it are all shades of lovely!! Your family is beautiful, and you too! <3 Plus your grandpa is officially the coolest grandpa ever!

    Did you design your pseudocover yourself? I suck at this. Yours is so ethereal and by the time the 7:17 grandfather clock makes it in, I would be completely enchanted. A series on "Daughters of Time" sounds so intriguing just by the series title alone, and all the cool elements you want to add to Spiraling's cover makes it doubly so. I hope all your big dreams for DoT comes true!!

    And THANK YOU so very much (sorry for the redundancy) for mentioning me on your blog!! I must admit I squeed when I read those beautiful lines, and now I must take my leave to squee about you to my housemates :D

    1. Yeah, Feedburner's a five letter b-word that I'd rather not say. ;)

      Thanks for the compliments on my family. I wanted to be humble here, but my grandpa really IS the coolest grandpa ever. LOL.

      The image for the pseudocover came from google, so I can't really take credit for that. I mean, I cropped it, added the font, etc., but that is definitely NOT my artwork (I wish it was). I've been using PowerPoint to create my faux covers, and then I turn them into jpegs. I agree, I love the ethereal quality to that one. When it comes time to publish my book (self-publishing or otherwise), I'm going to request something similar.

      Glad I made you "squee." :-D

    2. My grandpas on both sides are late, so I'll keep cheering for your grandpa!!

      I don't have the least idea what my pseudocover will be except I want it in a sea-green color, with a dash of purple. And there should be something fantastical in the background like an ocean and a stone. LOL #helloidiotyouhaventwrittenabookyet.

      I tend to set my dream loose on your blog, Jodi! ;)

    3. Ackk! I meant "dreams" though that last sentence still looks correct, I think.

    4. Your vision for a cover sounds gorgeous. I officially want to paint a room in my house sea-green with a dash of purple now, and hang up framed art of oceans. LOL.

      Let that dream loose on my blog ANY time! P.S. We need to get #helloidiotyouhaventwrittenabookyet trending on twitter (haha).

    5. =D Yes, we totally should!! Especially when, you know...they grow wings and fly. But I read a comment your sister made about dreams and positivity and maybe it's not a really bad thing. But still, it's a fun hashtag!
      I'm starting an August writing marathon, and I'm sad your summer is wrapping up soon :(

    6. I'm so sad that my writing spree is coming to an end right when yours is getting started. Too bad our schedules don't synchronize like our "DOT"s do!

      I know what comment of my sis's you're referring to, and I agree, that one's a good one. She's always telling me to "visualize" my book being real. She says the more I do it, the more steps I'll take in making it a reality. Except for she says it better. LOL

  3. Jodi, I just love your blog.I envy hardworking writers like you and my friend, Ify(that's Ifeoma). Well, in a bid not to waste words, I'd like to let you know that I simply can't wait to read your DOT novel when its out. And now, the puzzle is;how will I know when its out?? I'm not even on twitter or instagram or anything apart from facebook I visit grudgingly(I'm so internet-shy, but not to worry, I'm working on that particular brand of shyness). So yeah, I'll get to read your novel, I mean, Ify will let me know when its out. Have a swell day, Jodi.

    1. Hi Soro--it's great to virtually "meet" you, and thank you for your delightful comment! Ify (that's so cute, can I call her that too?) mentioned you through twitter, and how you're from Nigeria. How cool is that? Regarding your internet shyness--I say that's a blessing, not a curse. It means you are still one of the few that prefers flesh and blood interactions over social networking. Hang onto that!

      Thank you for being excited for my book--that's music to my ears. And thanks also for stopping in. Any friend of "Ify's" is a friend of mine. ;)

    2. Awww. *clicking nonexistent 'like' button*


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