Friday, July 5, 2013

The Face of Brahman

I'm changing the title of my book.  Which feels weird, because for at least a year I've referred to it as my "Daughters of Time" manuscript--DoT.  But now I'm running into problems with the title.  

I already knew "Daughter of Time" was used in a detective novel published in 1951, but I figured that was long enough ago that I could get away with using it again, especially since I was using it for the title of the series rather than the book itself.  But in 2011, another book was published under that same title and is now available on Amazon.  It's pretty common in the literary world to have repeat-titles, and it's not considered a death-sentence for your book if its title already exists elsewhere.  Interestingly enough, titles are not protected by any kind of copyright.  But in this case, my book would be the third novel with "Daughter of Time" within its title--a pretty big inconvenience when it comes to the world of Internet in which I would now be competing against two other novels in key word searches.

So I started scanning my chapters, searching for some sort of words or icons that somehow represent the book, and possibly future books as well.  And then I found it: The Face of Brahman.  That's the name I gave to the enormous clock tower within the story.  The thing about the clock is...well, I don't want to give away any spoilers, so I'll just say that it's important to the series.

It's a working title, so I'm still going to keep myself open to other ideas.  Who knows, with my wishy-washiness, I might declare another title by tomorrow.  But meanwhile, taking notes from Kristyn, I had a little fun last night imagining a cover concept for the novel (thank you google images):

Yeah, this makes the story seem much cooler than it actually is.  Still, fun stuff.