Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Week: By Shannon

Hi, it's Shannon!*

*(Okay, there's a small chance that this isn't really Shannon.  This might be Jodi parading around as Shannon because Shannon refuses to write a damn blog entry and Jodi's ready to write another post but doesn't want to have three in a row lest it look like she's hoarding the whole freakin' blog....

But only a SMALL chance). 

So like I said, this is Shannon, and I want to tell you about my week.  Let's see.  Work was good this week.  I did a lot of psychoanalyzing and therapyzing people.  And then I worked on my...paper thing. Or maybe I studied.  YES--I think I might have studied, because I have a test or something that I need to pass for my licensing thing.

Oh yeah, this Saturday I'm going to do a 5k with Jodi in which I plan to pant in agony and hold my cramping side the whole time while she blows right past me.

That about covers it.


  1. LOL. "Shannon" is pretty concise and confused about what's going on in her life. :P

    1. Right? I think she might have had one too many when she wrote this post.

  2. Jodi, you are SUCH a turd.

    P.S I will write a post this weekend. :-)

    P.S.S "Therapizing"? Really?

    ~Shannon (The real one)

    1. I'm hurt Sho. I thought I did a SUPERB job representing you.

      And are you really going to argue with the Language Arts teacher about "therapizing"?


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