Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Week: By Shannon

Hi, it's Shannon!*

*(Okay, there's a small chance that this isn't really Shannon.  This might be Jodi parading around as Shannon because Shannon refuses to write a damn blog entry and Jodi's ready to write another post but doesn't want to have three in a row lest it look like she's hoarding the whole freakin' blog....

But only a SMALL chance). 

So like I said, this is Shannon, and I want to tell you about my week.  Let's see.  Work was good this week.  I did a lot of psychoanalyzing and therapyzing people.  And then I worked on my...paper thing. Or maybe I studied.  YES--I think I might have studied, because I have a test or something that I need to pass for my licensing thing.

Oh yeah, this Saturday I'm going to do a 5k with Jodi in which I plan to pant in agony and hold my cramping side the whole time while she blows right past me.

That about covers it.