Saturday, June 15, 2013

From the Real Shannon

This will be a quick post. It has been SO long since I have last written, and I knew it was only a matter of time before my sister started acting like a butthead about it. On the bright side, I learned a lot about my life from Jodi. I guess I spend my days "therapyzing" and working on my "paper thing." (Jodi, what paper are you talking about???! You know I'm not in school anymore, right??). I guess I'm "psychoanalyzing" as well, which is pretty remarkable in an acute facility (average length of stay for inpatient is 5-7 days), considering psychoanalysis takes a minimum of two years.

I really just wanted to offer a brief explanation of why I haven't written for a while. It has been brutal the last few weeks. It started about a month ago, with our Vegas trip. The trip was actually REALLY fun. However, I started to get sick that weekend, and that bug clung to me for about 2 1/2 weeks (extreme fatigue, chronic headache, sore/burning throat,and acid reflux IN my throat, which was really freakin' weird). After taking every OTC med possible (including Prilosec for a couple weeks), it finally disappeared.

 In the meantime though, I rear-ended a brand new Camaro (still had dealer plates on) on the 60 FW. My car was fine, but hers was pretty jacked up (on the bright side, I discovered my car kicks ass in a crash...I had like...ONE tiny scratch, while her bumper was falling off). She got herself an attorney, and she is claiming injury now (although she didn't look that injured when she was running around her car road ragin', screaming, and dropping F bombs...but hey, I'm not a medical doctor). Luckily, it seems as if my insurance is handling the lawsuit and all that.

Then my son's school calls to tell me he is having an asthma attack. I was like, my son has asthma? So I had to take time off work to get him an exam, blood work, chest x-ray....Jeremy also had to take time off work to take him for an echocardiogram, because the doctor wanted to rule out a rare heart condition. He has an inhaler now (which I like to take hits off of sometimes's fun). Adding to this was trying to enroll Shelby in Kindergarten. The school wouldn't accept her physical exam from February because it was supposed to be done after March, so that was another appointment. AND Samantha got some infection on her head, which was ANOTHER appointment. I feel pretty sure our family doctor can put his own kids through college now.

I also got a flat tire, but that is nothing new. I am cursed when it comes to tires.This was actually a nice one. Rather than the tire violently blowing off my rim and leaving me stranded somewhere with no cell signal (which is what typically happens), this one just calmly deflated into a pancake.

In the midst of all of this, I have been trying to study for this nightmare test (the only part of my life Jodi got right). And that's all. I am going to try and write another post over the weekend, because I still have more I want to write, but I'm too drowsy right now.


  1. Wait--you hit a Camaro? And Dylan has ASTHMA?? And I'm hearing about all of this on our blog? What the hell?

    Clint says it sounds like you had 'Valley Fever', which is some sort of pandemic that's going around.

    1. I almost told you about this stuff at your house last weekend, but I didn't want it to be redundant when you read about it! Lol
      May have been "Valley Fever". It's gone now. Whatever it was, I couldn't shake it for weeks. The weirdest symptom was the acid reflux in my throat. I have never had that before.

  2. At least you and all your kiddos are okay! Still, if you hit my camero (which would mean I actually had a camaro), I'd probably be pretty pissed. You should have taken a video of her stomping around so she couldn't sue you. lol.

    1. I have to admit, I would be pissed if someone rear-ended my Camaro too. That's why I was trying to be understanding about it, but this chic got a little out of control! Even the cop had me stay in the car once he saw her behavior, even though he initially had told me to go out and exchange info with her. I am pretty sure she has a lawsuit going, but my insurance is handling it, which is great. Finally, all those insurance premiums are paying off. :-) -Shan

    2. I was just telling Matt, the other day, how insurance is one of the biggest scams. You pay for nothing, just in case SOMETHING might happen, later, at some undetermined date... maybe. It's insane. But, this makes me see the sense in it, just a little bit. :P


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