Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Maybe this is what Ragnarok would look like if it were real?  I swear this picture is a perfect replica of where I live.  Minus the ginormous planet loitering in the distance.  
#WorldsEnd has really taken off.  I almost feel sorry for J--his blog has been completely monopolized by this series.  Plus with all of the bios he has written, I'm sure it has left very little time for him to pursue his own writing.  But the work he has put into this project is really paying off.  The word is spreading, with authors all over the place perpetually intrigued by the idea of having a variety of writers create stories geared toward one compelling prompt.  Take this, for example:
Josh Hewitt Made Me Do It
This is a blog entry written by writer David Eccles regarding #WorldsEnd.  Even though he isn't technically part of the project, he is a fan who has followed every story, and even decided to create his own unofficial #WorldsEnd tale (the link to that story is available on his blog post).  I really like this entry because he does a great job of explaining the project.  Plus he includes this awesome graphic which I told him I was going to steal:
A week and a half ago, a New York Times bestselling author posted a link to #WorldsEnd on twitter because her friend was one of the project contributors: 
@JoshilynJackson20 Apr
My friend Heather Truett's story is live, offering some hope at the end of the world. A nice way to end a crap week:
That was pretty cool.  Other tweets say stuff like this:
@eisparklz25 Apr
I'm becoming addicted to the stories that is posting. The wait in between is tortuous!
Or this:
@jlizhill26 Apr
because you don't want to miss the great series of short stories he's hosting.
The tweets go on and on.  Just click on that last #WorldsEnd link and see for yourself.
I could not be more thrilled to be a part of this project.  The #WorldsEnd-ers have slowly evolved into their own little sub-network within the twitter writing community, and I have to say, these are the coolest people.  I've never met a group of tweeps with so much personality.  I have a feeling that the relationships created through this project will last well-beyond the final piece.

That being said, I now [sorta] know when my story is going live.  Part 3 offcially started tonight, beginning with a thoughtful and chilling piece that J himself wrote.  Part 3 consists of six stories total, and mine ("Gumball") will be the last one...roughly about three weeks from now.  You can check out the intro to Part 3 here (and don't forget to read Josh's piece afterwards):

          Part 3: Down Among the Dead
So, I now have to concur with Mr. Eccles--Josh Hewitt made me do it.  But I'm glad he did.


  1. I'm addicted to this blog myself! The idea is totally original, and I look forward to each new story.

  2. I can't wait to read your story JoJo!!! ~Shan

  3. Thank you for a wonderful mention and a great blog entry, Jodi. Wow! You're wrapping it all up, i see! That's an honour, for sure!
    I really am loving #WorldsEnd, and look forward to each story with relish.

    1. No problem David; thanks for swinging by! Thanks also for following the #WorldsEnd project. =)


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