Monday, April 22, 2013

House Munchers

We have termites! 

That exclamation mark is there to signify my dismay, not excitement, in case there was any question about that. 

We discovered them a few days ago.  Trin had tiny pot marks on her bathroom ceiling that were almost unnoticeable, but recently, a small tube of debris trickled down from one of the holes.  She smacked it with her shoe, and when it hit the floor, termites came running out.  She was thrilled about the discovery because she's a weird child who loves to study bugs, but I--on the other hand--not so thrilled.

After consulting an exterminator friend and watching some YouTube videos, I think we're going to try to take care of the problem ourselves.  But it's a huge undertaking, and there are quite a few risks, so we'll see.   It's not like the little suckers are going to digest our entire house tonight; we still have time to think about what we want to do. 

In other non-eusocial-insect-related news, we're going camping this weekend!  It was a complete spur of the moment decision, although since it's still five days away, I guess it's not that impromptu.  But basically we were at La Casita for lunch yesterday, and we ran into a whole bunch of people from the dojo.  They insisted that we go camping with them this Saturday.  There's somewhere around twenty-five of us going!  All of the kids are going to play paintball, so that should be a blast.  It's just an over-nighter, but I am SO excited.  The group we're going with is very lively and fun, and after the last few months of cold weather, I am more than ready to do something outside.

Oh, I bought a new rabbit on Saturday to keep Pumpkin company, but she somehow broke her leg.  She seems okay, but she only hops on three legs now.  The kids named her Jiggly Puff. 

Am I the only one who's growing super-fond of Otis??  I think Shan should do a whole series just about him.


  1. We had termites too, but Terminex got rid of them, and gave us a 10 year warranty or something like that (did that just sound like a commercial?)
    Is your bunny okay?! Does it need a cast or something?
    Something happened with Otis today, but it's kind of sad, because I might lose him as a patient for a while because of the incident. :-( I will write about it sometime this week (I don't want to push your post down yet!) -Shan

  2. Termites! That's terrible. Good luck in dealing with them. Oh, and I hope Jiggly Puff is okay and her leg heals up soon.

  3. Yes Shan, that sounded like a commercial. On that note, how much did it cost?

    J.P. is doing well. She really perked up today, and seems to be getting along great (minus that back foot). Still wish I knew what happened?

    I hope Otis is okay. :-(

    Thanks Kristyn on both termites- and bunny-sentiments.

  4. I forgot how much it cost! Glad to help though!
    (I'll see if Jeremy remembers). :-)


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