Monday, April 1, 2013

Best Problem Ever

I have a very short amount of time to spend a large chunk of cash.  Okay, let me back up a bit.  A new statute was enacted through my district stating that all clubs on campus MUST spend at least 80% of the money they raised throughout the year; we can only have a roll-over of 20%.  Okay, no big deal.  I knew about this new statute several months ago, and I knew I hadn't spent quite enough money, so I put together a trip to Hooves and Paws Animal Rescue and spent a good $300-and-some on the school bus.  When I did my final budget last month, I checked to make sure we had spent enough money, and we were good. 

But then this afternoon, I received an e-mail saying that Builders Club still needs to spend $2400.  AND we only have one month to spend it.  Holy geez. 

What happened is the new statute was retro acted; they did the roll-over math for the last several years, starting from a time period in which I wasn't even running the club.  All of those unused funds--a little here and a little there--added up to this exorbitant amount that I am now responsible for spending.
I have never been told that I MUST spend money before, and I'm reeling with the possibilities.  But it's so much harder to decide what to do with it than one would think.  The problem is it's too much money to use on a ginormous pizza party or do anything local.  But it's not enough money to do something really big, like a trip to Disneyland or the Grand Canyon (haha).  We're not allowed to donate any of it to charity--the money must be spent on students--but we are allowed to donate to other clubs on campus.  I've decided to give $1000 to ASB, because they're really struggling financially and are on the brink of cancelling Memory Day for the eighth graders.  But that leaves $1,400 for me to spend. 

I've looked into several different options now, and none of them are panning out.  I thought about renting out the local skate center, but even if I paid for all of my students' skate rentals and threw in free pizza and ice-cream, we're still not coming close to spending enough money.  It was the first time in my life I actually uttered the words, "Damn it, why does everything have to be so reasonably priced?!"  Plus it would be sort of a pain to organize in such a small time frame.  I considered buying all of the kids club t-shirts, but the club isn't going to exist next year (another story, but basically I'm bowing out), so it seems pointless to buy them a shirt broadcasting a club that won't exist.

I only have until this Thursday to decide how to spend the money because the club needs to approve of whatever idea I come up with by our next meeting, but I keep hitting a wall.  Help!! (That was directed to the universe, not anyone in particular). Maybe Party Limos to Gameworks?  Or Nacho Day for the whole school?  Or rent an elephant for a day?  (Do they do elephant rentals?). 

Off topic, but I feel a little bad for bumping Shan's post down so soon.  There's a possibility that I'm subconsciously trying to be a blog hog because I'm super self-absorbed.  But I actually think it's because we just started this blog.  It's like a new toy.  I'm sure I'll get used to it soon enough and return to my normal patterns of neglect.  


  1. Wow, I wish I had something insightful to say here. I've been wracking my brain all day trying to think of something and nothing's coming to me. I'm glad I don't have issues like that. I suppose you could divide more of it up and give it to deserving clubs on campus, then save some and give your Builder's Club an epic surprise party. I just don't know, but I am interested to find out what you plan to do when you figure it out.

  2. Jojo, how many kids are in your club? And I do think you deliberately shoved my post down. You still haven't gotten over me being born 8 minutes before you.

  3. I don't know what exactly the builder's club does, but could you guys host some kind of craft workshop at your school or something? Where you use the money to but a crap load of craft supplies and teach/help the kids at the school make cool stuff?

  4. Thanks for the suggestions girls! Shan, I love that craft idea. How much fun would that be?

    We have a club meeting tomorrow, so I'm going to offer up all of these ideas (including ones I received via e-mail, which included camping and paintballing) and see what the kids want to do. It IS their money (so to speak), so I figure I'll throw out the ideas and have them take a vote.


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