Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Big 5-Oh-Oh

This is 500!  Let's pause for a moment as balloons, confetti, and streamers magically fall from the sky.

Well that was a bit underwhelming.  Okay, to commemorate this occasion, I came up with some Ocean in a Cup mindless trivia:
  • The first post was written on August 16, 2009.
  • This blog has seen six different names:  My Ramblings, Iridescent Bubbles, Fizzyjo, Quarter after One (I have NO memory of that one), Trying to Fit the Ocean in a Cup, and finally, Ocean in a Cup.
  • My friend Kristyn's blog Retold inspired the creation of this blog.
  • Blogging actually rekindled the friendship between Kristyn and I.
  • My twin sis Shannon began co-authoring this blog with me on April 28, 2012.
  • Shannon's last post was her Cliche Christmas Post on December 28, 2012.   
  • I lost my beloved URL ( on May 15, 2012.  I then purchased
  • Since switching over to the new URL, this blog has received 65,927 page views. 
  • My own IP is blocked so that my own visits don't mistakenly get added into that total. 
  • The post that receives the most Google hits is Shaking Bed Syndrome
  • The second most viewed page is my sloppy practice painting of a cherry blossom tree.
  • The most commonly used label on this blog is "Family," with 118 entries.  "Life's Moments" is a close second, with 101 entries. 
  • The label least-used is "Short Stories," with only one entry.
  • The first label I ever used was "Blogging 101", followed by "Married Life" and "My Insanity."
  • This blog contains seven deleted entries.  The titles for these posts still remain as a reminder of what used to be there.  These count toward the 500.
  • This blog has a mysterious follower in the Army who has never given up reading it in the past few years, despite where he/she is stationed. 
  • This blog contains 1,227 comments.
  • My page views went up to 65,938 since I wrote this list. 
In addition to compiling this list of pointless fascinating facts, I created a page listing my favorite 25 posts (top tool bar).  I don't expect the reader to actually click on each of these entries.  Crap--that would take all night.  I compiled the list for myself. I'm officially saying goodbye to this blog next weekend, and I'm starting to get all sorts of nostalgic about it.  I wanted a space where I could quickly reference some of my favorite posts from the past.  Unfortunately my list isn't entirely accurate.  It's impossible to "scan" through almost four years of blogging to choose favorites.  Plus my list doesn't take into consideration some of the intriguing or hilarious conversations that have taken place via the commenter's page.  Unfortunately there was no way for me to account for these issues, so I simply tried to find a good variety of posts dealing with the nuances of teaching, married life, kids, and so on.  Basically I looked for posts that made me smile.

I kept the sad stuff out, even though all of that is important to me too.

This is rough.  It's not that this is the last blog post I will ever write, but it sort of feels like it is.  Shan and I are officially launching our new blog next weekend.  At that point, Ocean in a Cup will float around until the URL expires, and then it will be gone. 

Wow, that puts a little pang in my stomach.  Maybe I'll transfer this blog back to blogspot so it can hang around indefinitely. 

On a bright note, I couldn't be more excited to launch the new blog with Shannon.  I've had this one now for three-and-a-half years, and I'm ready for a fresh start.  My next, and last, entry on this blog will direct readers to the new URL.

Cheers to 500 posts of laughter, triumphs, trials, and tears.  Thanks for hanging in there with me for so long.


  1. Happy 500th post!! That's quite a lot of writing! Sort of makes me wish I knew how many posts I'd written in the last 10 years... though there's no way to know that since some of the blogs I've had don't exist anymore.

    Love your trivia list. Made me smile, particularly since 'Retold' is just another of those blogs that don't exactly exist anymore--though the URL is still in commission as a redirect/landing page type thing.

    Can't wait to see your new page!

  2. You've definitely written more than 500 posts by now Kristyn!

    The little "Retold" tidbit was funny, because originally I had started to write "Pretty Pessimist." And then I did a head-smack as I realized that you didn't have Pretty Pessimist back then--although you did create it very soon after I started this one. Thus it was "Retold" that gave me the inspiration to start my own blog, even though Pretty Pessimist ended up being the one I have followed all of these years.

    You should do a little trivia piece when you get to your next milestone post. It'd be fun to read all of these little facts about Pretty Pessimist, or your blogging in general (is it too early for me to put in for top commenter? LOL)

  3. I LOVED these random facts...they were so freakin' interesting! (Except the one where I haven't written since December, LOL) It's pretty amazing that you have stuck with this blog for so long...way to go! I really don't want it to get lost in cyberspace, so I hope you just put it back on blogspot. Anyway, congrats for 500 posts, and in looking forward to starting our new blog this weekend!

  4. Thanks Sho! I'm looking forward to it too.

    I just discovered another fact that I might need to add in...this blog has 1,227 comments. That's an average of two and a half comments per post. I wonder what slacker-ass is leaving me only half a comment?

    But seriously, it's amazing the info that Blogger gives you now on their new stats page.

  5. So I am sitting here reading your blog while my son watches The Walking Dead. He looks over and says, "Dad, what's shaking bed syndrome." I say, "Not sure, haven't finished reading it ... probably ghosts or aliens."

    Congrats on reaching 500! It seems like you have a good handle on your stats. I am still banging rocks together over here, kind of a 1 plus 1 equals, hmmm, wait for it, I think 2 is my final answer.

    Can't wait to see your new blog. Keep up the good work.

  6. Ha Scott! Poor kid--that post would be a huge let down after watching The Walking Dead.

    Thanks for the congrats! Don't feel bad, I usually have NO handle on my stats. But my 500th post seemed like a good reason to stop and analyze that stuff. Now I'll go back to merrily not paying attention.

    Be careful with those rocks; if you bang them too hard together, they're gonna add up to more than two.

  7. Totally tapping my fingers over here, waiting for that URL. :P

    Also, I really like your new theme. It's light and pretty!

  8. Go figure that I change this to a likable theme right when I'm ditching it. :-D But I was so tired of the old one that I couldn't even handle the thought of it floating in cyberspace like that anymore.

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