Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Filler

I drafted an entire post about how I experienced my first hangover last weekend, but for some reason the idea of a hangover being the subject of my first official entry on Writeapy* seems wrong.  So I think I'll do a quick post about Easter instead.  Of course the fact that I just now alluded to the hangover has probably negated my attempts at a nice, pleasant entry.  Oh well.

Okay, Easter...I can't think of much to say about it.  We're hosting Easter this year, but my mother-in-law is bringing all the food, so there's very little for me to worry about.  I'm just supplying the house.  I guess if I were crafty and would actually do more with the holiday like Clint's sister does, then I'd be under more pressure.  Last year she had beautiful paper-mâché eggs filled with a variety of toys, and homemade Peeps centerpieces.  It was beyond adorable.  But the family doesn't expect this kind of stuff from me.  Yep, once Easter inevitably rolls its way back to my house, the family gets downgraded to eating dinner on paper plates on a Peep-free table, followed by an Easter egg hunt containing your run-of-the-mill plastic eggs tossed out into the yard.  But we will have our annual egg-rolling contest like we always do, which is a lot of fun.  We all enter a special egg, and it gets pretty competitive.  The last time I won was Easter of 2010 (the same bizarre Easter that involved pirate gear and an earthquake), so I'm about ready for another victory.  Trinity and Elijah made their eggs look pretty ferocious this year, drawing long monster teeth on them and such.  Mine's pretty intimidating too.  Here it is:

Chilling, I know.  This egg was sitting in the dye for about two hours (okay, I might have forgotten about it).  I thought about writing "Hell hath no fury" on the other side of the egg, but I decided that didn't seem very Easter-y. 

This year we also decided to have the kids decorate their own baskets.  I picked up these plain baskets from Michael's for $4.99, and then let the kids go to town.  Here's their final product:

This looks like a relatively nice, pleasant picture, but you have no idea how brutal it was.  Every time I clicked, the kids kept doing this:

I was yelling at them, "Dang it you two!  I want to post a pic of my nice, sweet kids!  Can you PLEASE help me to misrepresent my life on social media for TWO seconds and be CALM??"  But yeah, they weren't very cooperative.

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  1. I hope your egg won! I love the baskets Trin and Elijah made...what a great idea. Not bad for a mom who doesn't do the holidays. :-)

  2. Goodness, your kids are adorable. I hope you're having/had a nice Easter with your in-laws. I'm with Shannon, I hope your egg won! Is the object for it to roll? I'm not really clear on all that. :)

  3. Shan, "doesn't do the holidays"? I LOVE holidays! I just don't do them elegantly. ;)

    I lost again Kristyn. The object of the game is to roll your egg against a competitor's (I took the bird off for this part). Only one egg will crack each time. It's some crazy rule of physics. If your egg cracks, you're eliminated. The winners stand to the side until everyone's done rolling. Then, the winners roll against each other (we call this the semi-finals), until eventually you get down to two people. For the "finals", those two people roll against each other, and you now have your last egg standing. The victor wins a prize, and bragging rights. We get really loud with it and it's crazy-fun--my favorite part of the day, actually.

  4. I know you love the holidays silly! I meant you don't get paper- mâché and three-tier cake creative like your super-human in-laws.


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