Saturday, December 29, 2012

Personalized Dishes

I have nothing to say right now but it's almost 2:00 a.m and I'm having a nice little bout of insomnia, so I thought I'd get on here and try to type some sleepiness into my body (I don't think I'm making sense).  Plus I want to bump my last post down.  I don't know why, but I don't like it when holiday posts sit on the top of my blog too long.  Maybe it's because everyone writes about their happy Christmases and it just gets old and cliché, like "Okay, we get it, you had a nice holiday and your life rocks, yada yada...." Hey, I do it too. 

My dishwasher broke a couple of weeks ago.  It actually broke the day after my friend Kristyn's dishwasher miraculously started working, so I think her dishwasher somehow sucked the life out of mine.  Granted hers lives in Texas and mine lives in California, but since we're talking about magical life-sucking appliances anyway, I don't think the geographical distance matters.  So Clint's solution to a broken dishwasher?  Pack up all of our dishes.  But leave one of everything for each person.  One cup, one fork, etc.  AND use a permanent marker to write our names on our assigned dish.  Basically if you want to actually eat your apple sauce with a spoon, you better be damned sure that your spoon is clean or else your shit out of luck.  And don't make the mistake of using someone else's stuff...I used Trin's fork the other day and never heard the end of it.  I'd love to say all of this is a temporary thing, but I don't view a universe in which I will be willing to buy a new dishwasher anytime soon.  I hate buying appliances.  The thought of spending all that money for something that just blends into your house makes me cringe.  Maybe if our current dishwasher was like pea green or something, I'd be excited to replace it.  But our current dishwasher is a very nice stainless steel model.  Now it's a very nice stainless steel dish rack.  Well, if we had more than four forks to put in it, anyway. 

My laptop still won't let me respond to comments, which is really getting on my nerves.  My home computer does, but every time I'm home, the home computer is always being horded by the hubby and kids--pretty much because WoW is downloaded on that computer and they're all complete addicts. 

Tomorrow afternoon we're leaving to go up north.  I can't wait.  I absolutely love road trips.  I can be in a car all day long watching the scenery fly by...I'm like a content labrador.  But I'm also really excited to spend time with Matt and Alana.  The only downfall is I know it's going to feel a little strange ringing in the new year without my sis and all her kids. 

I'm going to eat some peanut butter now and head to bed. 

Oh, it's only when I'm sleep-deprived that I compare myself with a dog.


  1. I typed a whole comment earlier, on my iPad--which is quite a feat since I'm still struggling for a good way to really type on that thing comfortably--but it wouldn't let me post it as I couldn't interact with the field where I enter my name & website. So, I sort of know how you feel about the comment thing. Though my laptop (a macbook) doesn't seem to have any trouble.

    I'm sorry about your dishwasher, though I'm glad mine's working. lol. Maybe yours can be repaired? That would be less expensive, in most cases, than getting a new one. I know how you feel, though, about buying appliances. I hate it too, it just feels like such a waste. I went a whole summer without a oven/stove because I couldn't replace my stove. I finally did, but I hated every second of it. Then my new one died and I had to have it repaired, thank goodness for warranties.

    Anyway, I hope you got some sleep and have (had?) a nice trip up north. Happy New Year!!

  2. My MacBook is the only laptop that interacts with all facets of my blog, including the comment pages. Unfortunately I left it at work over winter break. :(

    Our dishwasher is still broken. Funny, I never considered the idea of just having it repaired. Replacing it was the only option that ever entered my brain. I'll have to look into that! Luckily storing away 90% of our dishes is actually leaving us very little to wash, so it's not so bad.

    Hope you had a great New Year!


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