Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween, etc.

I'm still alive; I'm just a terrible blog owner.  But if you consider my sis's shoddy additions lately, I should come out as a blogging goddess.

My laptop isn't letting me access my comment frame on this blog, which is really frustrating (sorry for you leaving you hanging on that last one, Kristyn--I'll figure it out soon). 

Halloween was wonderful!   Funny considering how much I despise that holiday.  Although let's face it, my dislike for Halloween has really lost steam these last few years.  This year stood out mainly because Clint allowed us to take the kids trick-or-treating for the first time ever.  We went with Becky, Shan, Jeremy, Jeremy's brother Josh, and Josh's fiance, Liz.  We had 14 kids between all of us.  But please note that I spawned only two of those 14.  In addition to the trick-or-treating, we also had our family theme night (the theme was "Greek" this year), and I ran the trick-or-treat booths during our school's haunted house.  I also carved pumpkins with my "angel" (the student I mentor), and the kids of course had their annual dojo party.  I remember saying this last year and I'll say it again: We sure are busy the week of October 31st for a family that doesn't care for Halloween.

Today Niecy, myself, and two other language arts teachers had to do a presentation in front of the staff.  I took the poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe and rewrote it to make it connect with the focus of our presentation, which was how students benefit from PLC (you can look up PLC if you want something to lull you to sleep).  We decided to do a dramatic reading of the poem.  We set the mood by turning off all the lights in the library, playing spooky background music, and putting fake candles on the tables.  All of us wore black and shined flashlights on our faces as we read the poem.  I thought the whole presentation came out great, although the poem ended up being a little long...three pages to be exact (I don't know when to shut-up).  My principal loved it though and made me e-mail her a copy so she can forward it to someone in the district. 

This Saturday I'm taking 18 middle-schoolers and 11 high-schoolers to Six Flags for the Kiwanis Fall Rally.  Haven't lost a kid yet, but wish me luck just in case.


  1. Sorry you're having problems with your laptop and commenting, but no worries. :) And you're totally not a bad blogger. I've left my blog sitting for weeks at a time before. It'll be here when you come back and so will we. :D

    Sounds like you had a good Halloween! I actually love it, but that's because my mom always made it special for us. I bet your kids were happy to be able to go trick or treating. Oh, and you should have shared some of your Greek theme pictures, you all looked amazing! I particularly like Trinity's costume (yay for Facebook!).

    Did someone record that re-write and reading of the Raven, I'd love to see that. Also, yikes with all those kids at Six Flags. You're a brave soul.


  2. Thanks for the comfort regarding my lazy blogging! And that goes both ways...yours was the first blog I ever started following, so there's no way a dry spell on your part would ever compel me to give up on your blog. :-D

    Trin's costume was amazing, huh? I wish I could have entered that one into a costume contest. I'd post pics here, but at this point it seems a little too 'after the fact'.

    Our V. Principal recorded our performance, but I don't think it came out. I might go ahead and post the poem on here, although it's REALLY long.

    Magic Mountain went flawless....I love these students. They're so responsible.


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