Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas [Apocalypse] Wish List

Every year, both my family and Clint's family request that we write them Christmas lists.  Since there are ten people shopping from our lists, we always have to come up with a variety of stuff.  I sent mine out--along with the kids--last week.  Clint finally finished his last night. Okay, so check these out:

 Jodi's Christmas List 
  1. Soft cuddly throw blanket
  2. Hampton Tomachi Knife Set --multi-colored
  3. Long-sleeved night shirts
  4. Knitted poncho or knitted shawl
  5. Cute work clothes, size 5 or size small
  6. Stylish Boots, size 8, low heel, black or brown
  7. Cute dresses--size small
  8. Cameo necklaces (like the ones on my Pinterest)
  9. Custom-made quill pen (also on my Pinterest)
  10. Book Cover-Making program (do those exist?)
  11. Pretty or unique wine glasses
  12. Any home-decor from Kirklands
  13. Neverending Story Kindle cover 
Nice and normal, right?  Yeah, now onto Clint's.....
Clint's Christmas List
  1. Splatter targets
  2. Exploding target powder
  3. M48 Apocalypse Tactical Tomahawk
  4. Bullets:  .223 rounds
  5. Survival food
  6. Other survival supplies
  7. Parachord—550 rated
  8. Sawback machete
  9. Survival books
  10. Scope/scope mount for Mosin Nagant
  11. Range finder
  12. Black leathermen's newsboy hat
Do you notice any disparities between the two?  Like, I don't know, the fact that my husband is INSANE? 
Grannie B is gonna have a blast shopping for him this year. 
To his credit, he did at least ask for a hat. 


  1. I find your Christmas lists hilarious. I love pretty much everything on your list! Particularly those lovely cameos. They're so lovely! I particularly like the Gothic ones.

    Every year Matt asks me what I want and every year I tell him he has to choose gifts for me. I like not knowing what it is that's in the packages. Also, it's a kind of test. LOL. Which he almost always fails, by the way!

  2. The gothic cameos are my favorite Krysten! I especially love the Lolita "Day of the Dead" cameo. You're a brave soul for letting Matt wing your gifts, but honestly, I think that's the way it should be. Even though I'm pretty much guaranteed to get stuff that I actually want, somehow the whole list-writing thing seems to cheapen it.

    P.S. I brought my iPad home from work so I can actually access my comment form page. Sad that this is the only thing that works. *eye roll*

  3. So hilarious!!! -Shan


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