Friday, October 19, 2012

Somewhat Punier Nutshell

Okay, here's life in a smaller nutshell than the slightly oversized one from a couple of weeks ago.

So last weekend:  We drove down to Camarillo and painted my grandma's house (interior) for her 75th birthday.  "We" being my mom and dad, Shan and Jer, and me and Clint.  It was an awesome day, with the highlights being the fact that everyone blamed me for every single splatter of paint that ended up in the wrong spot (really, I was only responsible for about 87.9% of splatter-mishaps), the fact that I got to gob paint on my sis, and the fact that I got to play a role in giving my grandma a memorable birthday.  She was so thrilled just to have us all there, and after about six-and-a-half hours of painting, the house came out great.  We went to the Soup Factory for dinner and presented her with an enormous chocolate cake (thank you Costco).  The next morning, my dad made everyone a breakfast so huge it was like being at a Vegas buffet.   

Tomorrow is my sister's graduation!  She is getting her doctorate!  I know I'm going to weep like a baby during her graduation.   

I have so much more to say, but I still have a gazillion things to do tonight, so they will have to wait.

Shan, write a damn post!  Well, accept your degree first, or your blank rolled up piece of paper with a fancy ribbon or whatever, and then write a damn post.

Speaking of, this is post #476.  I was thinking we'd go to 500 and then switch over to the new blog.  Only 24 more to go.... 

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