Sunday, September 16, 2012

Calm Before the Storm

A couple weeks ago, I reported feeling "remarkably calm." HA! That did NOT last! Starting on Friday, 09/07, I experienced 6 days of emotional hell. I couldn't even tell you WHY. Work was good, home was good...but I was so....blah. Depressed. And not in a "calm" way. It was in a spontaneously-combusting-into-tears kinda way. And then on that following Thursday, I woke up, and I was fine. Which was strange, because physically, I felt like crap. My head was hurting and I felt dizzy. Based on my pathetic physical state, I should have been crabby as hell. But emotionally, I was totally normal again. I could feel the difference only minutes after I had woken up. So....what the heck?

I'm still obsessed with stupid geography stuff. I've noticed much of the obsession is fixated on bodies of water. Did you know that it is impossible to sink in the Dead Sea because of the high salinity? Did you know that in the Black Sea, the lower and upper parts of the water never mix, which causes 90% of the water to be anoxic (unlivable for sea life)? Oh, and there are over 3,000 known species of fish in the Amazon River?

I asked Jeremy for a globe for my birthday.

Speaking of my birthday, I'm getting the new iPhone for my present...yay! I just don't know WHEN. I guess the iPhones are coming out on the 22nd, but when Jer tried to pre-order one for me, they had already sold out. I'm pretty excited though, because my current phone is super glitchy, and the Internet won't even work on it unless I am in my room. 

We had an unpleasant situation with our neighbors. They left a note on my car complaining about our dogs barking too much (but wrote that they had "no issue with the pig"). Jer's response was something along the lines of, "F*** them, they knew we had dogs when they moved in." I was upset though...I felt like a bad neighbor. So we bought a bark collar for Izzy. Initially I was going to buy one for Dusty as well, but the poor dog already lost a leg, and I couldn't handle her losing her bark too. I am amazed at how well the collar works for Izzy. And now that Izzy is barely barking, Dusty is barking less too. Shaddock (my oldest dog) only barks when there is a person or animal nearby, so no way am I putting a bark collar on him. I keep letting Izzy in the house to make sure she is still happy despite the collar, and she seems perfectly okay.

On a side note, this is a Tokay Gecko, and Jeremy has one. 

This gecko got out of it's tank and is running loose in our room. It wakes me up in the middle of the night EVERY NIGHT with a REALLY loud mating call. The mating call sounds like "gekk gekk gekk gekk....POOOO-KAYYYYYYY!" It has been loose for over a week now, and I am feeling a little sleep deprived. I have seen it several times, but it runs off, and it's a MEAN little sucker. Sometimes I wish Jer would just throw a female Tokay in our room and let them hump, so I could get some sleep. But then we would probably end up with a bunch of baby Tokay dinosaurs running amok. 


  1. I'm an emotional basket case most of the time, so I sort of sympathize with what you're going through. Althought, mine's more like "I feel GREAT" then like an hour later, for no reason whatsoever, I'm angry, or crying, or being a total bitch ("RAWR!!). For me, it's bi-polar disorder and I have manic spells (which suck, by the way!). I'm glad you're feeling better, though!

    Our dog, Anakin, barks his head off at nothing. He's got our puppy (who's about 10 months old) doing it now. Our neighbors have never said anything, though, and if they did I'd probably just ignore it. We have a house, don't share walls with anyone, so if they're hearing barking it's pretty faint. Although, they're strictly indoor dogs and the only time their barking is really loud from outside is when the door is open. What kind of bark collar did you get? I've been considering one for Anakin.

    Also, the gekco would make me crazy!! You're a stronger woman than I am. I'd have left the door open and let him get out by now. :P

  2. Laughing @ gecko ordeal!!

    Your emotional spree sounds like classic PMS to me. ;)

    Hey, when you get your new iPhone, I'm sure you can download a globe app.

  3. Kristyn, I wouldn't mind the occasional manic episode as long as I didn't have any depressive episodes! Seriously thou, that would be rough to have to deal with those kind of mood swings. Oh, we got her a "PetSafe" static collar. It was around $58 I think. It works SO good! After the 2nd day, she stopped barking altogether. I still may get one for Dusty...she is still barking a lot...but I am just so hesitant because she is crippled....I just don't know what to do! Regarding the gecko, he is STILL loose. My bedroom door is always open, but he won't leave my room! I have to catch him before the temps drop or he will die (he has a heating pad in his enclosure).
    Jojo, I want a REAL globe, one I can spin with my hand! And it was NOT PMS! LOL


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