Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blogger and Pre-Teen Issues

Blogger is driving me crazy.  Ever since I changed the URL, nothing on here works.  I tried commenting on Shan's last post, and once again, Blogger won't let me on the comment page (by the way Sho, that part about the patient has me in stitches! Clint says a "true" therapist would have helped him get there faster).  Sometime in the next month or two, Shan and I will be switching to a new webpage.  We already have our new URL picked out; it's just a matter of us getting together and creating our new space.  This time around I want to go through the process with her, so it's actually our blog; not just mine that she's renting a room from.  Unfortunately the new blog will be platformed on Blogger because that's all we know and neither one of us have time to learn a new one, but hopefully starting from scratch will eliminate these current glitches.  I did manage to use Blogger for three years before having any big problems.

I have too much to write about, but I really don't want to write, so I'll sum everything up.  First, I'm overwhelmed with work right now, but that's nothing new.  Second, I've been absolutely addicted to reading lately--more than usual.  I finally broke down and got a Kindle e-Reader, and I adore the thing.  The first book I read from it was Fifty Shades of Grey.  I started the second book--Fifty Shades Darker--but got bored with it, so I switched over to a new book called Divergent by Veronica Roth.  It was a great read, although it got a little heavy and sad toward the end.  I started the next book in the series (Insurgent), and after that I have four or five other books already downloaded, just waiting for me to read.  Third, I'm currently signed up for three 5Ks, one each month for the next three months.  Yeah, I think I might be getting a little carried away.  Fourth, Trin goes to school with me every day now, which is awesome, but she's driving me nuts at home.  She has been this emotional ball of hormones and constantly having these stupid meltdowns.  And since I'm the parent at home dealing with it, I'm the one that gets demonized.  I have ZERO tolerance for all of this girly crap.  Fifth, we decided to go to the L.A. County Fair again for my and Shan's birthday.  It's not until the third weekend of September, but I am already drooling at the prospect of a giant blue cheese burger and fried jalepenos (coincidentally, I've been craving blue cheese dressing too, but have felt no compulsion to stare at muddy rivers or provinces in Canada).

Okay, I'm going to go count to ten backwards because my daughter is making me see red right now.


  1. A new page, eh? Looking forward to seeing it, make sure you share the URL!! :D

    I'm sorry your little girl is giving you such a hard time. I wasn't a gem at her age, that's for sure. I drove my mother absolutely NUTS!

    I loooooooooove my Kindle. Love it. Love isn't a strong enough word. I have the one with the keyboard and I love it. I thought about getting the touch, but I'm worried I'd accidentally turn the page and that would drive me nuts. I sometimes say that if I could only keep one gadget (and the power to drive it), I'd chose my Kindle, hands down. I think I probably have about 300 books. It's insane! So, I'm always glad to hear that others like theirs, too.

  2. LOL @ Clint: Tell him that for a "true" therapist, it's about heading in the right direction, not the speed it takes to get you there. :)
    This is coincidental, but I only got to the 2nd book of 50 Shades and I quit. I don't think I will ever finish the series.
    Sorry about Trin being such a turd lately. :(

  3. Kristyn, I know what you mean about "love" being too light of a word--I am so addicted to this little contraption! It goes EVERY where with me. And now I have over a dozen books downloaded. I can see myself getting to the hundreds pretty quick. At this point if I had my choice between my Kindle or my laptop, I'd choose my Kindle. And yes--we will definitely be sharing our URL as soon as we have the page set up.

    Shan, I can't believe you didn't make it through the 2nd book either! You are like my twin or something. All the other ladies who I've talked to about the books were hooked through the entire series.

    Oh, Trin and I had a heart-to-heart, and she's been acting much better these last few days. Crossing my fingers that it lasts.


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