Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pinecone, CA

Wow Jodi. Thanks for giving my town such a refined, posh sounding name. 

Sometimes I don't know why I bother with Facebook. Today, there should have been a disclaimer, "WARNING: Do not eat dinner before reading this New's Feed." The following posts made my stomach take a somersault dive: A snake being skinned, a hairy man giving birth to a baby, a bloody toe, and an emaciated pit-bull.  Do some people just wake up and think, "Hmmm....I wonder how many disturbing images I can permanently sear in people's brains today?" 

Yesterday, I accidentally got sucked into a political discussion on FB ("accidentally" meaning I finally couldn't TAKE IT ANYMORE, and I had to say SOMETHING). I was trying so hard to be respectful, because I am tired of the mudslinging that takes place just because people possess different ideologies. And I was doing SO good too, until stupid spellcheck changed this girl's precious Senator "Al Franken" to "Al Frankenstein." Oops. After that, the peaceful discussion took a turn for the worse, and I lost a dear FB friend close to my heart (okay, I barely knew the chic). 

Speaking of politics, Jeremy acquired free tickets (through a radio station) to a sneak preview of "Obama's America: 2016," and we saw it last night in Ontario. It was REALLY cool, because we got to meet the director, and there was a Q & A session following the movie. The movie opened last month in Houston, Texas, and has been doing really good there. As far as Southern California, the movie is opening in Ontario, Riverside, and Corona this Friday.

This movie was REALLY good. I was initially worried that it would just be an Obama bashing movie. As many issues as I have with our current president, I shut down the moment I feel that I am listening to a biased news or media platform. That's why I hate "Hannity" on Fox News. It's just an Obama bitch fest. I feel like "Hannity" is the right winged version of "The Rachel Maddow Show." I find both of those shows very slanted and one-sided (plus I want to slap Rachel Maddow's irritating little smirk off her face). 

However, I felt this movie was fair. They used Obama's own book "Dreams from my Father," and interviews with family members and old family friends to create the movie. This movie paints a pretty clear picture on how Obama developed his world view, and what that world view IS. The movie also explained what we could expect for another 4 years should he be re-elected (not good). Surprisingly, this movie was FASCINATING. It also evoked some sympathy over our president, as they reveal some sad facts about his childhood. 

Damn it's HOT! Many of the homes in Pinecone, CA don't come with central cooling because it's supposedly not supposed to get THAT hot here (tell that to my sweaty butt). I just screamed and jumped ten feet in the air because I felt an ant crawling on my arm. I'm not having a good time here. 

" Pinecone"...what a dopey name. I kinda like it. 

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  1. Snakes being skinned and hairy men giving birth? It might be time for you to clean up your friends' list, Sho.

    Wish I could have been privy to that FB conversation...I bet it was all sorts of entertaining.

    That movie sounds really interesting and now I'm dying to watch it!


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