Sunday, August 5, 2012


Today we spent the afternoon/evening at Sarah's house.  She just moved, and her new house has an in-ground pool!  I've waited my whole life for a friend with a pool.  And luckily she can never accuse me of using her specifically for her pool since we've been good friends for over a decade (haha).

Around 8:00 p.m., everyone decided to drive to our house to watch the Avengers.  Our house was voted over Sarah's because we had flan.  It doesn't take much.  Anyway, I had never seen the Avengers before but I heard it was really good.  Unfortunately, I was very bored from the movie.  I think it was probably because I never followed any of the prior movies (Iron Man, Captain America, etc.), so I felt detached from the characters and storyline.  Shan felt the same way, so we ended up ditching the end of the movie in favor of laying on our backs in Trin's room and staring at the ceiling fan for a half hour.

After the movie, Clint plugged his laptop into our TV and we watched music videos for nearly an hour.  The two below were my favorites.  They both deal with feelings of nostalgia, although the first one is more warm and happy nostalgia, while the second is a more cutting, sad nostalgia (could Lana possibly look more depressed?).  The first one really speaks to my inner desert-rat.  All of that desert scenery, the bare-feet, those spontaneously carefree moments...this was life in the desert when I was a child.  Those unexpected moments of sheer joy never came in eloquent packages.



  1. I love these videos!

  2. Me too. The second one is a little sad for me, but the first one is so relaxed and sweet. I could listen to it all day long. :)


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