Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Patriot

I  haven't been able to blog, and I don't have time now either! (I am sure Jodi is immensely pleased with herself that she ever invited me to share her blog, because I contribute SOOOO much).

I finished writing my dissertation last week, but I still have a shitload of corrections. I also have to add an abstract, table of contents, list of tables, dedication page, etc. etc. My dissertation defense is in a week, and my chair wants the thing polished and ready to bind before I defend.  I requested a half day off of work for my defense date. I almost requested the whole day off, but then I decided this would lead to over prepping and pulling my hair out the entire morning. A week from today, I'll be done....er....hopefully! 

Jodi is right about us not being able to get interested in "The Avengers" movie. I feel like some mutant who wasn't made for this planet because I know I am SUPPOSED to like it. Everyone I talk to loves that movie. In the beginning, I was TRYING. I was asking Clinton who the different superheroes were and what were their powers. When Captain America showed up, I asked Clinton, "What are his super powers?" Jodi (who is clueless) said, "He is super patriotic." And the thought of a super hero who was only known for being "super patriotic" seemed suddenly to be the most silliest, bizarre thing that I started giggling, and even after I managed to stop, I was giggling in my head, and I TOTALLY couldn't focus. I was imagining a bank being robbed, and suddenly this deep voiced demigod in tights and a red, white and blue cape suddenly materializes and shouts reassuringly "Don't worry folks, I will save you!!!" But instead of beating up the bad guys, he suddenly pauses, puts his hand on his heart, and starts singing the National Anthem. Yeah, after that, I was done with the movie. (Thanks A LOT Jodi!).


  1. Come on, our national anthem is pretty inspirational...can't you see it moving the bad guys to tears?

    Or maybe Captain America shoots stars and stripes at the bad guys, out of a red/white/blue assault rifle.

    Seriously, what IS that guy's powers? I might need to look it up.

    Thanks for not forgetting to mention how clueless I am. Having you on my blog is always good for a weekly ego-boost.

  2. Any time Jodi, any time. And we never discovered his super powers, did we? Maybe he can recite the Pledge of Allegiance backward in ten different languages or something.


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