Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Patriot

I  haven't been able to blog, and I don't have time now either! (I am sure Jodi is immensely pleased with herself that she ever invited me to share her blog, because I contribute SOOOO much).

I finished writing my dissertation last week, but I still have a shitload of corrections. I also have to add an abstract, table of contents, list of tables, dedication page, etc. etc. My dissertation defense is in a week, and my chair wants the thing polished and ready to bind before I defend.  I requested a half day off of work for my defense date. I almost requested the whole day off, but then I decided this would lead to over prepping and pulling my hair out the entire morning. A week from today, I'll be done....er....hopefully! 

Jodi is right about us not being able to get interested in "The Avengers" movie. I feel like some mutant who wasn't made for this planet because I know I am SUPPOSED to like it. Everyone I talk to loves that movie. In the beginning, I was TRYING. I was asking Clinton who the different superheroes were and what were their powers. When Captain America showed up, I asked Clinton, "What are his super powers?" Jodi (who is clueless) said, "He is super patriotic." And the thought of a super hero who was only known for being "super patriotic" seemed suddenly to be the most silliest, bizarre thing that I started giggling, and even after I managed to stop, I was giggling in my head, and I TOTALLY couldn't focus. I was imagining a bank being robbed, and suddenly this deep voiced demigod in tights and a red, white and blue cape suddenly materializes and shouts reassuringly "Don't worry folks, I will save you!!!" But instead of beating up the bad guys, he suddenly pauses, puts his hand on his heart, and starts singing the National Anthem. Yeah, after that, I was done with the movie. (Thanks A LOT Jodi!).