Monday, July 23, 2012


Since my sis is currently buried alive somewhere under 92 pages of dissertation, I'll go ahead and continue to fill this blog up with pointless stuff.  Oh, hey, I haven't talked about PETS in awhile.  Let's do THAT.

I mentioned in a previous post that Trinity recently lost her pet cockatiel.  In a household full of pets, you tend to experience a fair share of unfortunate mishaps.  Like the time our cat got scalped by the street sweeper.  Or the time our parakeet flew straight into the spinning ceiling fan.  Or the time our royal gramma fish got sucked halfway up the air pump into a giant kiss of death.  But the demise of poor little Dimples was the worst.  I actually had a long paragraph here explaining why this little bird's untimely death was so tragic, but it was just too sad, so I deleted it.


Teri made this for Trin.  It says "In loving memory of Dimples" and has her baby picture.  Okay, yeah, that's ridiculously pitiful.

So after a few days of mourning, Trin decided that she might be willing to try out another bird.  We paid a visit to the same bird breeder we purchased Dimples from (he lives about an hour and a half away), and came home with a baby conure.

We named him Loki.  In Norse mythology, Loki is the God of mischief, which is a pretty apt description of this bird.  While Dimples was nothing but cuddly and sweet, Loki is sneaky and playful.

Here's the cage Clint built for Loki:

He stained it a purple-pink to match Trin's room.  This picture was taken before the cage was actually finished.  Now it has a slide-out tray on the bottom, perches and toys on the inside, and a built-in perch on the outside roof.  He also made Loki a little playground to chill out on when he's not in his cage:

Now I know it seems like we're constantly taking on new pets, BUT--I actually gave Harriet (the tarantula) to the local pet store today, so that keeps the critter homeostasis levels at approximately the same (<---I have no idea what I just said).

Current list of pets:

2 dogs
3 cats (two of them live outside though)
2 goats
4 chickens
3 rats
1 rabbit
1 conure
Approx. 17 goldfish

See?  That's not that bad.