Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dissertation Drudgery

Just a quick post to explain my absence from this blog, before my sister starts sending out search & rescue dogs or the FBI to track me down. I am currently in the midst of a horrible binge writing episode, dissertation style. The good news is that my entire dissertation (1st draft) will be complete by the end of next weekend (July 29). I just completed Chapter 4 today...only one more chapter to go! The bad news is I can't get a hold of my dissertation chair to set up my dissertation defense, so I'm not sure if it will even matter or not. Either way, I am chipping my way through this dreadful paper (97 pages so far), and this ordeal is almost done (I hope). ~~Shannon


  1. They forgot to put the bottle of vodka next to the little dude in box 4.

  2. Oh my gosh, you're so close to getting it done. Good luck finishing it and getting a hold of your dissertation chair so you can defend the thing. :)

  3. Kristyn, I got a hold of my chair today! We are setting up a meeting for August, than going from there (hopefully he won't drop off the face of the Earth again). Jodi, LOL! You mean bourbon, right?


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