Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fourteen Years

Today marks fourteen years of wedded bliss (more or less, haha) with my amazing hubby, Clint.  I told him he'll have to find his card on my blog, so here it is--one of those high-tech, super-modern music cards.  Okay, I might be trying REALLY hard to avoid a stop at Wal-Greens later, but that's beside the point.

On that note, I think this should count for at least 30 cards (I started to lose count after that).

Happy Anniversary babe!


  1. Happy Anniversary Babe!!! Thanks for all the cards. ;-) Here and all I got you was a cell phone pick of a picture of a card. Wow we are really cheap with eachother. I guess the experts were wrong. It is not love that keeps people together, but good old fashioned frugality. Love you and hoping for at least another good couple of years.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! 14 years...holy cow!

  3. A pic of a pic of a card? I didn't even get THAT. LOL. But seriously, you are such a liar. You totally trumped me in the whole gift-giving department this year and you know it. ;)

    Kristyn and Shan, thanks! 14 years...I don't even feel 14 years old yet, let alone like someone who's been married for that long.


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